Couples Wedding Attire Guide

We are still in wedding season and there are couples out there who need help! The real question is…“What do you wear to a wedding?” Now the answer to that question varies. Firstly, what kind of wedding are you and your Love Bug attending? Is it a beach wedding or is it a traditional wedding? You have to know where you’re going before you know how to dress!

I have compiled 5 different outfits for 5 different types of weddings for you and your significant other that will make everyone’s head turn!


Casual Wedding

We all go to the traditional casual wedding which is great but some of us an get a tad bit too comfortable and too casual! You don’t have to go all out but don’t go as if you’re going to the grocery store. Simple dresses or skirts with a natural look for the Mrs. and simple dress pants with a simple button down for the Mr.!

Semi-Formal Wedding

Now if the wedding you’re attending isn’t casual BUT it isn’t too formal you need to dress SEMI-FORMAL! This includes your cute dark cocktail dresses and suits!


Beach Wedding.jpeg

It’s my dream to attend a beach wedding AND to have a beach wedding of my own but people think it’s hard to dress for the beach but in all reality it’s very simple! Firstly, high heels of ANY sort is a NO-NO! Keep is simple and keep it cute with sandals so you won’t sink in the sand! You should think breezy, comfortable, and weather appropriate which means you need to think about where you live exactly!

Drk & Sophisticated Wedding

You receive your wedding invitation and you have to get all sexy and sophisticated! It’s important to go DARK because dark is not only sexy but it’s also sophisticated and mysterious. Black is the go-to and should be paired with colors such as red or red-orange to give the look a pop of color and your Mr. will be in a traditional tuxedo!

Black Tie Wedding

Dark and Sophisticated is completely different than Black Tie! Black Tie is toned down versus Dark and Sophisticated. The dress is a simple black cocktail dress but your Mr. will still be wearing his classic black tuxedo!

White Tie Wedding

The ULTIMATE type of formal…the kind of wedding that can be considered A ROYAL WEDDING…the WHITE TIE WEDDING! With this type of wedding it’s a MUST that you come looking like you’re related to the Queen of England! For the ladies you’ll arrive in full length ball gowns, in brown or black, and glamorous hair and makeup. The gentleman shall arrive in a tuxedo with a tail, a bow tie, formal shoes, and white gloves for dancing if you feel the need for them! “If you are looking for inspiration then check out this wedding suit and tuxedo page for some fashionable ideas.You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Great Gatsby at this wedding!

Also here is a wedding guest style guide for an extra boost!


There you have it! 5 different styles for 5 different weddings from casual to Great Gatsby formal! Now you and you’re Love Bug will be the HOTTEST couple at the wedding well next to the bride and groom of course! Just remember that it’s not your spotlight to steal! Happy wedding season to you all!




Texas Wedding Attire

It’s officially WEDDING SEASON! Summer wedding invitations are rolling in and that means you and your special someone need something cute to wear. It’s important to not only look fashionable but to also dress according to the weather! You don’t want to be caught at a summer wedding in a winters outfit.

Deep in the heart of Texas, which is my home state, summer temperatures can easily reach above 110 degrees which usually means you want to wear too much. This makes it harder when you have to attend a formal event. I’ve partnered with Bonobos to create 3 different outfits that are fashionable and appropriate for the perfect summer wedding! I will also answer the burning question: “Do you wear black to a summer wedding?”

IMG_1712 (1)

A wedding in the gardens is the perfect place to rock a short, but not too short, dress and what other color would be better than nude in a garden full of beautiful colorful flowers! The aquamarine jewelry adds a pop of color to the woman’s outfit. A watch adds a fancy touch to the men’s outfit and both lady and her mister will be wearing black shoes.


IMG_1717 (1)

Now transitioning to the cool inside wedding where the air conditioning resides! The couple is wearing 2 different outfits BUT the gold accessories is what ties this outfit together!


IMG_1713 (1)

Last but not least you have to be prepared to hit the beach for romantic nuptials! This couple would be rocking the bright red and matching sunglasses. Cute gold accessories go perfect with her outfit while a brown belt goes perfect with his outfit.

Heels and dress shoes, in my opinion, are a NEGATIVE for a beach wedding because of the sand. You don’t want to feel like you are sinking so a flat pair of shoes is a must! In this outfit the woman has 2 different pair of shoes: she has the black sandals and she also has “barefoot” sandals just in case she wants to kick off her black sandals and put her feet in the sand. In the men’s outfit he will have a pair of black flats that are also easy to kick of.


So I know the question remains: “Do you wear black to a summer wedding?” Here’s the answer-“If you aren’t wearing black accessories then wearing black to a summer wedding, especially in Texas, is a DEFINITE NO! Black absorbs heat and the goal is to be fashionable and cool not passed out in a hospital from the heat.

For men in search of good looking and great fit pants for the special occasion check out Bonobos great selection of pants!

There you have it! 3 perfect outfits for a lady and her mister to wear to 3 different weddings that occur during the summer! I can’t wait for my mister and I to show off our outfits at our friends wedding in the future!