Importance of Education

Hey ya’ll! As ya’ll know I have changed my major from nutrition to special education but I am creating this post to give some advice to students all over the world who struggle with school.

Now me personally growing up going through school I actually liked going (weird yes I know but let me explain)! School was an escape for me. School became my home away from home where I met new people, learned new things and widened my horizons to the world.

Then in 2008 middle school started (2008-2010) & school became HELL for me! I was always in constant arguments, rumors about me went around the school and people began to see me as some type of monster! At this point in time I had a found HATRED for school. Waking up in the morning just to go was hard and on some days I just wanted to say “I’M DONE!”

But a certain teacher made me see things differently. My then AVID teacher, Mrs. AJ Hicks, became like a mentor to me. When I was down she always lifted my spirits. When I needed an adult to talk to, she was always there. She brought back the joy of going to school although middle school was the WORST 2yrs of my life and I have literally wiped everything that occurred from my memory except her talks.

I can honestly say that there was a huge turn around for me once I started high school in 2010. I started my journey as a colorguard member and it’s like I had a family away from family because the colorguard became family for me! Through my 4 years of high school I participated in colorguard for 3 of those years until some wrong doing that made me end my journey. But it’s like I was still a member because I was, and still, am close to some of the girls.

And the magical day came for me. June 01, 2014….the day I graduated high school! It was the best feeling in the world to know that I survived 13 years (kindergarten-12th grade) of school and finally received my diploma! I graduated at the top 25% of my class with a rank of 102 out of 489 students. Let me tell you it made me feel PROUD!

Now here is the moral of this post & YES my post has a moral! Education is IMPORTANT! In this lifetime in order to get a high paying job…NO…the CAREER of your choice…you MUST have a high school diploma! PERIOD! There are many student I hear that skip class or drop out of school because it’s “too hard” or because they are hanging with the wrong crowd. Let me tell you that’s not going to get you anywhere in life! Why miss out on a free education? I don’t see the point…do you? (It’s different if you go to private school)

It doesn’t get any better in college either! I’ll admit in college you get a little bit of breathing room because your parents aren’t on your case about your grades, your away from home (unless otherwise) and you can make some of your own decisions. But there’s a difference between public school (in my case) and college: YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT (well your parents are). So you skip that math class for 3 weeks straight but when you’re ready to go that professor says “you are no longer welcomed in my class & you’ll receive an F as your final grade.” Then what will you do?

See in college there is no “make-up” days. There’s no summer school for that class to earn credit. It’s simply you pass it the first time round or you pay to retake it again!

So if you don’t like school then find a reason to like it! Find what motivates you: a teacher, a family member or even a future career you may want! Find a few friends (and by a few I mean like 3-5) that have something going for themselves (which means they are always in class, never skip and do their work). You may have a favorite subject let that motivate you! For me I enjoyed history, colorguard and lunch!

Just find that drive that you have and put it to good use. Let’s be honest: a cell phone can only get you so far.

Now I leave you with this quote:

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
Is skipping out on your education more important than receiving one?