Dear College Self…

As a third year college student I’ve learned so many things about myself that I never thought I knew. It’s been a time for growth, reflection, and new beginnings but let’s be honest: nothing comes easy! I’ve written a letter to my younger college self, because I’m still in college, to share some of my best advice over my 3 years. As a 3rd year college student I’ve learned so many things about myself that I never thought I knew. It’s a time of growth, reflection, and new beginnings but lets be honest: NOTHING COMES EASY!


Dear Young College Self,


WOW…you’ve come a long way since starting college in August 2014! It may have seemed so long ago but little did you know time was going to fly by and you would be here. Over the 3 years you’ve come to learn that many things change and very little will remain the same and it’s important to cherish every single second you’re in college because it’s the best time of your life! There are some things you should know:

Firstly, know that what’s good for someone else may not be good for you whether it’s knowing how you study or doing something your friends are doing. I recall my biology lecture professor telling me, “use logic over your memory to study.” Did it make sense to me? No, but I went with it because as the professor you think it’ll work for you. In the end I didn’t do well in that class because I didn’t trust my gut. You have to find your own way of doing things that makes you comfortable.

Secondly, CREATE A BUDGET FOR YOURSELF! College can be all fun and games until you want to do something fun that costs money that you don’t have! You don’t have to go spending money to do something fun & you don’t have to spend tons of money of fancy food either. I can remember have only $30 left to last me a week. I had a car, which I used to get to and from work, that needed gas, needed food, and wanted to do something fun with my great friend. You can’t complain because let’s be honest…things could be worse. That week I made that $30 stretch far! Instead of going out my friend and I went half on a large pizza and had a “Netflix Movie Night!” With the remaining funds I put $15 in the tank. Budgeting in college is SERIOUS! It’s almost like it’s forcing you to grow up and figuring things out yourself. Being able to budget while in school will set you up for financial success after school. Those student loans kick in just a few months after graduation. The amount that you owe can seem like you will never be able to pay it back. But believe me, you will! Consider looking into a resource who can help save you money by refinancing your student loans. Money doesn’t make the fun because you can make your own fun.

LIVE A LITTLE! Yes, it’s important to study and earn the good grades. Yes, it’s important to go to class but again college is supposed to be the best years of your life too! Sometimes a good friend and a full tank of gas can take you anywhere! Take a 1 Day Road Trip and see where it takes you, go out for a night on the town, and go to that party! Have some fun and enjoy yourself even if that means getting all dolled up just to go out to eat.

College is your opportunity to meet your “Forever friends.” These are the friends that will most likely be in your wedding. Just know that everyone you meet in college aren’t your “forever friends.” There are very few friendships that will actually make out of college while the others will simply fade away. Just know that you can’t hold on to all of your relationships and force them to work because all relationships have a purpose. It’s better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies because less is always so much more!

Also remember that everything passes and nothing is a bad as it seems. Thing may seem hard at that moment in time BUT it will pass and things will always get better within time.

College is an amazing adventure. Think positive, follow your heart. chase your dreams, appreciate the time you have there, live in the moment the best you can, and most importantly love yourself and grow each day!


Wishing you all the best, love, and joy,

~Your Older College Self


Secrets for a Successful Third Year of College

Last Thursday marked the end of my 3rd year of college! This year has been full of amazing ups, very few downs, and wonderful memories! I will definitely say that this year, out of the 3yrs I’ve been in school, has been my best year by far.

During my 3rd year I’ve even learned some valuable lessons that I will always take with me. These lessons have helped me have not only a fun memorable year but also a very successful one! These are lessons that no one really tells you and we have to learn on our own. You can call them secrets and here are my spilled secrets that no one tells you but you learn them anyway!

1. You’ll LEARN how to make friends that are lifetime friends!

Yes, we learn “how to make friends” during elementary, middle, and high school but we don’t “learn.” Lets be honest: How many friends do you still have from elementary/middle/high school? If you can answer this truthfully you may have said less than 2 or none at all. That’s because the friendships have faded away and that’s okay!

When you get to college you learn how to make friends that will last you for the rest of your life! Most likely, the friends in college will be your best friends and possibly the friends that are in your wedding party!

2. We always say failure isn’t an option BUT sometimes we have to accept it!

I had to learn this the hard way a few times and this time was the last time I was going to learn the hard way! We, as people, always say that failure isn’t an option but sometimes we have to accept our failure and keep it moving. I had to drop a class this semester because I knew there was no coming back from that class and it would have KILLED my GPA. I knew it was time to drop the class and accept that.

Let’s be honest…you didn’t fail. You just knew that you had to look after your GPA and whatever sanity you had left!


3. Get more BANG for your BUCK!

Even with a job you are BROKE! You’re going to always need something for this class, food to survive the entire week, and gas which is seriously so overpriced that you may consider buying a bike and peddling everywhere! The important thing is to get as much as you can with as little as possible. Don’t purchase anything if you know you don’t need it and if it’s free it’s better!


4. Have fun & make as many beautiful memories as possible!

Yes we are attending college to get a degree and yes we are there to work so hard that we are sleep deprived but you are also there to step outside of your comfort zone. You step outside of your comfort zone so much that you have no choice but to meet new people. Those people will become some of your greatest friends, like I mentioned in the 1st lesson, or they can become your worst enemy.

The important thing is to have fun and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! You’ll tell your children these stories. The people you create these memories with will be the reason you continue to make memories.

I can say I met 2 of the most wonderful spirits this school year and I have created memories with them that I will tell my children at least a hundred times! I’ve made so many memories that I can’t wait to make more with them this summer when I go on a road trip to visit them.


Again, these are the reasons I had such a wonderful year! I’ve finally met some friends that I can rely on and that I am truly happy with. I couldn’t have been more happier and I already can’t wait for June so we can go on adventures in their city and also August so we can go on adventures that will probably make great books one day!

I never understood what people meant by “College is what you make it” when we are always told to study, study, study but I get it now. You can study and still have time to enjoy school. You’re only an undergraduate once…make the best of it while you can.


“I didn’t know I was having fun in school until I began making memories!”

~Erriel JD 





2017 Experience Bucket List

“Materialism is the ONLY form of distraction from true bliss.” ~Douglas Horton

In today’s world we are all about our iPhones, laptops, and anything else money can buy. We are so glued to our materials that we forget to stop and enjoy ourselves. Personally I always find a way to enjoy myself although many people in older generations say that my generation doesn’t know how to enjoy ourselves without the aid of technology.

In this post, I will be sharing my 2017 Experience Bucket List on things I want to experience this year that have NOTHING to do with materialistic things. As a blogger and as a college student with limited funds I believe that there are things we should experience that don’t involve expensive materialistic things that won’t be around for a long time.


o   Now it’s always been my dream to travel and explore the world! Being a broke college student it seems IMPOSSIBLE to actually travel which is why I have created myself a “Travels Jar.” In my jar I save up with the hopes of traveling to a certain destination. My dream locations to travel are Bollywood, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii.


o   I have numerous hobbies and photography is definitely in my top 3. I would definitely love to get back into photography this year because it is so relaxing and I am able to see the world through a stronger lens other than my own.


o   I know what you’re asking: “What exactly is a crawl?” A crawl is almost like hoping from place to place. The term is mostly used as a “bar crawl.” I, on the other hand, want to use the phrase in many different ways. I would like to go on festival crawls, bar crawls, and even food crawls with a few close friends. It feels good to be out doing things just to have fun without sitting in the house and you get to meet new people.


That’s it! That’s my 2017 Experience Bucket List! I want to be able to enjoy my younger years without having to worry about materialistic things. Let’s be honest, the materialistic things won’t be around forever but memories will last FOREVER! This tool can help you plan your own get together’s with friends

Now I want to know how are you going to create new memories and experiences without materialistic things?  Leave a comment below!

Life After Loss

Snapchat-9069347967082497672-1 (1)


I am creating this post not as an update but to reveal more about myself. This post is entitled “Life After Loss.” I chose this title because I feel that it’s appropriate for what I’m about to say.
As many of you know the year 2015, in general, was a tough year. I lost my Great Grandmother in July, I lost someone in August, and I unexpectedly lost my cousin Sharva to the Texas Tornado in December. For me that was one loss too many! After the second loss I began to spiral into a depression but the death of Sharva made me feel like I lost ALL control! I started doing things that put my life in danger just to comfort myself. I stayed in my dorm because I didn’t want to do anything or see anyone unless it was Jasmine.
Before I lost my cousin a friend of mine, Jasmine (I call her Jasi), suggested I see one of the councilors at my school since it is free. I hesitated at first because I don’t open up to just anyone but I decided to do it. It may have taken me 10 minutes to walk through the doors but I did.

Once I started seeing my therapist in October I felt some relief but I still had my wall of emotions built high to the sky. It wasn’t until January 2016 when I returned from Winter Break after my cousins funeral that I finally tore down that wall & let out every emotion I’ve felt for 7 months. I cried for the first time in front of my therapist and I didn’t feel bad about it. I finally showed that I was vulnerable.
After that therapy visit I felt a cloud of relief shower over me. One thing that stuck with me from that day was the word CHANGE! Not only did my therapist use the word often during that session but Jasmine had used the word often as well when I talked to her about things.
From that day I decided to make some POSITIVE CHANGES! For starters I continued therapy and I began going to an Expressive Arts Group which helped me determine the emotions I was truly feeling and to determine my deep inner thoughts. I began to go to something called “Pinterest Night” at my school where you can just be creative through ideas on Pinterest. I gave the one thing that I used for comfort to Jasmine because I finally seen the harm I was truly doing to myself. From then on I don’t look at that object the same.

So throughout this process a few words have stuck with me. One of the words is CHANGE! I learned that no matter how many negative changes occur in my life I have to be willing to make some positive changes to match them. STRENGTH; No matter what happens I have to have strength because without it I can and will be easily defeated. VULNERABILITY; Sometimes it’s ok to be vulnerable because it shows the world what you are feeling on the inside. And last but not least SELF; After dramatic experiences you have to take time to yourself so you can rediscover yourself and better yourself.

I can say that it has been a tough road but I’m not going to allow what has happened to affect me. I’m going to continue to better myself because there is always a brighter side to things. There are people who are always there willing to help you better yourself. And there is always joy after every corner if you go searching hard enough!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

~ John F. Kennedy

North Crowley Homecoming Game 2015







IT’S WAS HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING! October 16, 2015 was North Crowley’s homecoming football vs. Weatherford high school. I was so excited to go for the second year as a North Crowley Alumni!

My sister performed with her 3 Starletts & they were so adorable! I got to see my Guard Children & I seen my friend Andrew who’s in the Army. I had a blast that night and I felt like I was back in high school.

Although we didn’t win it was a really close game! 31-35 I mean it was really close. I even promised my girls I’d come back for SENIOR NIGHT (in November so stay tuned)!

Everyone did a great job! Made me feel like I’m back in high school which is a GREAT feeling. I can’t wait to see everyone again especially my senior babies!

Just a Little Girl Talk

If you are a college student you know it may be difficult to just open up to people but once you make friends then it becomes much more easier to just open up.

Now I know I have friends back home in Fort Worth but sometimes you need to have friends that are near to just talk to. Last night was actually pretty fun! After watching the Fantasia Barrino movie, Keviona, Shalisa & I just had some good ole’ girl talk & singing of course because that’s what we do!

I love how with my friends I can just open up and just pour all my feelings out. No matter if I’m in Denton at school or back in Fort Worth I can just open up to the few friends I have and just know that they’re there for me and listening. And I have to admit we’ve all been through some things, especially during the summer, and it’s like we’ve all joined forces. Now I would love my Force to meet each other (as far as other close friends) so we all can get to know each other.

My friends are not only my friends but they are also my family! We not only build each other up but we encourage. We listen. We love & that’s what I’m all about when it comes to family.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”

— Maya Angelou

Anyone Can Be Family

Everyone has a few people that they consider their family. I so happen to have a few people I can call family.

You know family isn’t always in the bloodline. Sometimes family could be those who are always there for you when you need them. I say it like this: Your DNA doesn’t have to be combined to be considered family. The people who stand by you when EVERYTHING goes to Hell (figuratively and literally) are those you can call family!

Now before you ask there is a reason why I am saying all of this about family. I can honestly say I have a handful of friends, and when I say handful I can count them on both of my hands, that I can call family. For the past month I’ve been going through a tough time and I haven’t found a good way of dealing with the situation.

I can truly thank those who’ve been there for me and have helped me through this time. I love them all and I can’t believe how much support and love I have from them.

“Friends are our CHOSEN family.”