Single Bloggers Valentines Day Diaries

As we welcome the month of February we are also closer to the most recognized day of this month…Valentine’s Day! Well for some of us, who don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is the last thing on our minds while all the couples around us swarm trying to find the perfect gift.

Well not this year!

I’ve started the “Single Bloggers Valentine’s Day Diaries” series for us Single Bloggers who will be loving ourselves this Valentine’s Day season! For the next 13 days guest bloggers will be featured, leading up to the day, and their take on being single this year.

This year I’m giving all us Single Bloggers a chance to actually hate Valentine’s Day, I don’t but some may, and do so freely! I hoojust bayou enjoy the series!


Christmas Fly!


It’s that time of year again! Everyone is preparing for their annual Holiday Parties and you, ironically, have absolutely NOTHING to wear! You can’t just show up in any old rages because you have to match everyone’d Christmas Fly.

In this post, I have compiled 3 different outfits for 3 different types of holiday parties.


We all go to them and someone hosts an ugly Christmas sweater party at least once in their life but this outfit is a little different. We still keep the ugly sweater theme BUT we’re making it cute too!


The casual holiday attire is exactly what it means…CASUAL! Unlike the ugly sweater outfit it’s casual but not too causal that you just lounge around the house. This outfit is prefect for the office holiday party.


Now I don’t know who exactly hosts formal holiday parties but someone out there does and if you’re invited to one you must come prepared to slay! So dress up in white and pair it with your baddest red heels, bag, and lips! The gold earrings make the outfit pop by adding a bright element to the outfit.

I think you’re ready! You are officially ready to head to the party and make heads turn! No one will be able to tell that you had nothing to wear and hey it can be our little secret. I won’t tell if you won’t!

Welcome to BLOGMAS!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and anything else that can read!


It’s that time of year again and I am so excited to be taking part in my second blogmas as as blogger!

I have some festive themed posts lined up for the month of December as I count down the days until Christmas and I can’t wait to unveil them!

I’ll be hitting all the good stuff such as my widhlist, gift giving guide for him, her, and friends, Christmas styles,  my holiday favorites, and looking back at my year of blogging! In October I hit a full 4 years of blogging. Isn’t that exciting?

In all honesty, I hope everyone enjoys reading my posts! Have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

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Couples Wedding Attire Guide

We are still in wedding season and there are couples out there who need help! The real question is…“What do you wear to a wedding?” Now the answer to that question varies. Firstly, what kind of wedding are you and your Love Bug attending? Is it a beach wedding or is it a traditional wedding? You have to know where you’re going before you know how to dress!

I have compiled 5 different outfits for 5 different types of weddings for you and your significant other that will make everyone’s head turn!


Casual Wedding

We all go to the traditional casual wedding which is great but some of us an get a tad bit too comfortable and too casual! You don’t have to go all out but don’t go as if you’re going to the grocery store. Simple dresses or skirts with a natural look for the Mrs. and simple dress pants with a simple button down for the Mr.!

Semi-Formal Wedding

Now if the wedding you’re attending isn’t casual BUT it isn’t too formal you need to dress SEMI-FORMAL! This includes your cute dark cocktail dresses and suits!


Beach Wedding.jpeg

It’s my dream to attend a beach wedding AND to have a beach wedding of my own but people think it’s hard to dress for the beach but in all reality it’s very simple! Firstly, high heels of ANY sort is a NO-NO! Keep is simple and keep it cute with sandals so you won’t sink in the sand! You should think breezy, comfortable, and weather appropriate which means you need to think about where you live exactly!

Drk & Sophisticated Wedding

You receive your wedding invitation and you have to get all sexy and sophisticated! It’s important to go DARK because dark is not only sexy but it’s also sophisticated and mysterious. Black is the go-to and should be paired with colors such as red or red-orange to give the look a pop of color and your Mr. will be in a traditional tuxedo!

Black Tie Wedding

Dark and Sophisticated is completely different than Black Tie! Black Tie is toned down versus Dark and Sophisticated. The dress is a simple black cocktail dress but your Mr. will still be wearing his classic black tuxedo!

White Tie Wedding

The ULTIMATE type of formal…the kind of wedding that can be considered A ROYAL WEDDING…the WHITE TIE WEDDING! With this type of wedding it’s a MUST that you come looking like you’re related to the Queen of England! For the ladies you’ll arrive in full length ball gowns, in brown or black, and glamorous hair and makeup. The gentleman shall arrive in a tuxedo with a tail, a bow tie, formal shoes, and white gloves for dancing if you feel the need for them! “If you are looking for inspiration then check out this wedding suit and tuxedo page for some fashionable ideas.You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Great Gatsby at this wedding!

Also here is a wedding guest style guide for an extra boost!


There you have it! 5 different styles for 5 different weddings from casual to Great Gatsby formal! Now you and you’re Love Bug will be the HOTTEST couple at the wedding well next to the bride and groom of course! Just remember that it’s not your spotlight to steal! Happy wedding season to you all!



Fashion Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are so much fun! You get to see wonderful sites along the way and you get to see friends, like I did, upon arrival after the long drive. Like many, I want to be comfortable while sitting in the car for such a long period of time. For me I was traveling to Houston,TX to visit friends which is a 4hr and 45min trip.

Before I left I packed 3 essential items that were to go with me inside my car while I was driving to my destination!


When I drive long distances I love to kick my shoes off just like I’m at home! Flip flops are the easiest shoes, besides flats, that I can kick off and toss to the side.



Living and driving through Texas during the summer mean the sun is out and shining so bright that it literally blinds you! Within my car alone I have 3 pairs of sunglasses: one in my drivers door, one in my glasses holder, and one in my glove box. I may have to wear my prescription glasses with my sunglasses but at least I can see!



You may be wondering, “why a duffel bag?” Well I had 2 duffel bags: one for clothes and one for food. My food duffel remained in my front passenger seat for easy access to snack while on the road. Is it fashion? Not exactly BUT the bag was cute!


When you go on your next road trip I hope you think of my 3 essentials! They may come in handy when you plan your next trip!

College Closet Confessions

We all have confessions that are dying to be told but our closets are oozing with confessions as soon as you open the door! So it’s time for me to fess up! Here are my Closet Confessions as a College Student!

  1. I’M MOVING!

Yes you read right! I’m in the process of moving houses so my closet is in total disarray! I’m starting to put my closet into boxes after living in my childhood home for 10 years. Finding clothes at this moment is not easy!


  1. I have 2 Closets!

Now how on earth do I have 2 closets? Well I’m a college junior who still lives in a dorm. Therefore, I have 2 closets FULL of clothes which leads to my 3rd confession.


  1. 2 Closets= NO SPACE

Having two different closets is all fun and games until it’s time to move back home for the summer.  Both of my current closets are the size of a typical closet but trying to mesh together to small closets into one big closet is a task itself! It’s almost like “Closet Wars!” Everything from both closets is fighting to take over! Clothes, shoes, purses, EVERYTHING is fighting for a spot!


  1. I’m Holding on to Things From HIGH SCHOOL!

I graduated high school in 2014 and 3 years later I still have things sitting in my closet from my high school glory days! Any gift I received such as teddy bears and cards are all on my top shelf in my closet! Now I’m trying to make room for my college memories!

5.  My Shoes DOMINATE My Closet! 

You can NEVER have too many shoes  but my shoes dictate my college closet! When I see a pair of shoes in a store that I like I usually buy them because shoes are hard for me to come by because of my shoe size. Can you imagine having almost 4 buckets of shoes to take back home once it’s time to move out?


There you have it! My college Closet Confessions! Now what about you? It’s time to dish it! What are your closet confessions! Leave you CC in a comment below! 


My Christmas Wishlist

It’s that time of year again! We are all getting our Christmas wishlist’s together & dropping hints to any and all family members hoping someone will get the hint. I, although I am 20 years old, am one of those people!

Here are 8 things that are on my Christmas Wishlist this holiday season!


  1. Disney Size Small Minnie Mouse Plaid Pom Pom Slipper Boot (Size: XL)

So if you haven’t already figured it out I am a HUGE Mickey & Minnie Mouse fan! I own many Mickey & Minnie Mouse related items and still adding more to the collection. Being a college student slippers, especially in the cold season and whenever you just don’t feel like wearing real shoes, are one of the essentials! You and can walk to your class, be comfortable, and wear your favorite character on your feet!


2.  ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle


I am a lip gloss junkie! I love different shades and will try almost any color that’s in reason. It’s fun to know that my lip color can tie an entire outfit together. This season I am in need of darker colors. I LOVE ColourPop because the colors are so vibrant and it doesn’t leave a clumpy finish.

3. Dollhouse Jersey

Image result for DOLLHOUSE JERSEY

The Dancing Dolls…what else can I say? Again I’m a huge fan & would love to just have a jersey. Now if I could get it autographed I’d frame it but we gotta start small! DD4L!!!

4. The Walking Dead Fringe Blanket

Blanket-TWD-Walkers-The Walking Dead-zombies-Hand tied fleece blanket-mancave decor-fathers day present-adult birthday present-mothers day

Like a million other people in this world I am also a Walking Dead fan! It’s just something about the Walker’s coming to attack the living that gives me an adrenaline rush! What better way to watch the show while bundled up with a Walking Dead blanket?

5. Renaissance Key Pendant

Key pendents have always been so priceless to me and being in bronze makes it more rustic. It’s the cliché, “You have the key to my heart” that has drawn me to the key necklace concept.

6.  Carlos by Carlos Santana Sunglasses Tote

Image result for Carlos by Carlos Santana Sunglasses Tote

I don’t carry tote bags often but this one is so cute! It’s different and I would proudly strut my stuff with this bag in tow!

7.Report Lupone Sandal

Image result for Report Lupone Sandal

Caged heels are new to me and I find them very different by still cute and edgy! I love cute and edgy but I have always had an issue finding a shoe store that carries my shoe size. This shoe is a MUST as soon as my size is available!

8. A Beautiful Home

Image result for beautiful homes

Well this last one was worth a shot…maybe in a few years!

I hope you enjoyed my 8 Christmas Wishlist items! Now if you’re are nice enough and want to send me these items please feel free! JUST KIDDING! I hope you found inspiration for someone else with my items!