Texas Wedding Attire

It’s officially WEDDING SEASON! Summer wedding invitations are rolling in and that means you and your special someone need something cute to wear. It’s important to not only look fashionable but to also dress according to the weather! You don’t want to be caught at a summer wedding in a winters outfit.

Deep in the heart of Texas, which is my home state, summer temperatures can easily reach above 110 degrees which usually means you want to wear too much. This makes it harder when you have to attend a formal event. I’ve partnered with Bonobos to create 3 different outfits that are fashionable and appropriate for the perfect summer wedding! I will also answer the burning question: “Do you wear black to a summer wedding?”

IMG_1712 (1)

A wedding in the gardens is the perfect place to rock a short, but not too short, dress and what other color would be better than nude in a garden full of beautiful colorful flowers! The aquamarine jewelry adds a pop of color to the woman’s outfit. A watch adds a fancy touch to the men’s outfit and both lady and her mister will be wearing black shoes.


IMG_1717 (1)

Now transitioning to the cool inside wedding where the air conditioning resides! The couple is wearing 2 different outfits BUT the gold accessories is what ties this outfit together!


IMG_1713 (1)

Last but not least you have to be prepared to hit the beach for romantic nuptials! This couple would be rocking the bright red and matching sunglasses. Cute gold accessories go perfect with her outfit while a brown belt goes perfect with his outfit.

Heels and dress shoes, in my opinion, are a NEGATIVE for a beach wedding because of the sand. You don’t want to feel like you are sinking so a flat pair of shoes is a must! In this outfit the woman has 2 different pair of shoes: she has the black sandals and she also has “barefoot” sandals just in case she wants to kick off her black sandals and put her feet in the sand. In the men’s outfit he will have a pair of black flats that are also easy to kick of.


So I know the question remains: “Do you wear black to a summer wedding?” Here’s the answer-“If you aren’t wearing black accessories then wearing black to a summer wedding, especially in Texas, is a DEFINITE NO! Black absorbs heat and the goal is to be fashionable and cool not passed out in a hospital from the heat.

For men in search of good looking and great fit pants for the special occasion check out Bonobos great selection of pants!

There you have it! 3 perfect outfits for a lady and her mister to wear to 3 different weddings that occur during the summer! I can’t wait for my mister and I to show off our outfits at our friends wedding in the future!


Fashion Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are so much fun! You get to see wonderful sites along the way and you get to see friends, like I did, upon arrival after the long drive. Like many, I want to be comfortable while sitting in the car for such a long period of time. For me I was traveling to Houston,TX to visit friends which is a 4hr and 45min trip.

Before I left I packed 3 essential items that were to go with me inside my car while I was driving to my destination!


When I drive long distances I love to kick my shoes off just like I’m at home! Flip flops are the easiest shoes, besides flats, that I can kick off and toss to the side.



Living and driving through Texas during the summer mean the sun is out and shining so bright that it literally blinds you! Within my car alone I have 3 pairs of sunglasses: one in my drivers door, one in my glasses holder, and one in my glove box. I may have to wear my prescription glasses with my sunglasses but at least I can see!



You may be wondering, “why a duffel bag?” Well I had 2 duffel bags: one for clothes and one for food. My food duffel remained in my front passenger seat for easy access to snack while on the road. Is it fashion? Not exactly BUT the bag was cute!


When you go on your next road trip I hope you think of my 3 essentials! They may come in handy when you plan your next trip!

Throwing 1960s Shade

It’s officially Summer and with summer comes the cute maxi dresses and sassy sandals but here in Texas there is one thing that’s a summer MUST! SHADES!  Warby Parker has some beautiful sunglasses that are 1960s vintage with a modern twist created by a college student. With 49 locations in the United States and 2 locations in Ontario, Canada you can’t be caught with sunglasses that are out of style.

When I first seen this 2017 Summer collection I immediately thought of a 1960s pin-up girl. This collection screams 1960s with the unique shapes and bright colors which is perfect for summer outfits!

Here are my 3 favorite pairs with my outfit recommendations!


F_SU17_12_EMAIL_SUN_Laurel_Clementine_013_OA_COMPF_SU17_15_PROMO_Sun_Clementine_Espresso-Tortoise_006_OA_COMPWith these Espresso Tortoise Clementine shades I see bright red lipstick and a cute simple outfit! When I say simple I mean black and white simple. I even see these shades paired with a simple black summer dress. These shades speak for themselves when they say, “I’m here and in the flesh throwing shade!”

I also see these two pairs of sunglasses going great with a vintage outfit! If you are a pro at using the scarf for vintage hairstyles then you should definitely consider purchasing these glasses to complete your outfit.




These Oak colored Stanton shades can be perfectly paired with a bright yellow or pink top with the bottoms of your choice to create a casual summer outfit. They have a rustic vintage feel that you don’t see in sunglasses but this pair is perfect for this collection.



Now this pair of Jet Black Piper sunglasses with Rose Gold lenses is a MUST & it can go with practically anything! I see these sunglasses being paired with a bright vibrant maxi dress to balance the darkness. They create a mysterious persona about is dark yet sexy!


Here are the other sunglasses that are in the Warby Parker Summer 2017 Collection:



**ALL photos were provided by the Warby Parker store!



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College Closet Confessions

We all have confessions that are dying to be told but our closets are oozing with confessions as soon as you open the door! So it’s time for me to fess up! Here are my Closet Confessions as a College Student!

  1. I’M MOVING!

Yes you read right! I’m in the process of moving houses so my closet is in total disarray! I’m starting to put my closet into boxes after living in my childhood home for 10 years. Finding clothes at this moment is not easy!


  1. I have 2 Closets!

Now how on earth do I have 2 closets? Well I’m a college junior who still lives in a dorm. Therefore, I have 2 closets FULL of clothes which leads to my 3rd confession.


  1. 2 Closets= NO SPACE

Having two different closets is all fun and games until it’s time to move back home for the summer.  Both of my current closets are the size of a typical closet but trying to mesh together to small closets into one big closet is a task itself! It’s almost like “Closet Wars!” Everything from both closets is fighting to take over! Clothes, shoes, purses, EVERYTHING is fighting for a spot!


  1. I’m Holding on to Things From HIGH SCHOOL!

I graduated high school in 2014 and 3 years later I still have things sitting in my closet from my high school glory days! Any gift I received such as teddy bears and cards are all on my top shelf in my closet! Now I’m trying to make room for my college memories!

5.  My Shoes DOMINATE My Closet! 

You can NEVER have too many shoes  but my shoes dictate my college closet! When I see a pair of shoes in a store that I like I usually buy them because shoes are hard for me to come by because of my shoe size. Can you imagine having almost 4 buckets of shoes to take back home once it’s time to move out?


There you have it! My college Closet Confessions! Now what about you? It’s time to dish it! What are your closet confessions! Leave you CC in a comment below! 


Summer Styling: From Summer Heat to Arctic Air

Everyone knows summer temperatures can be the worst depending on where you live. Here Deep in the Heart of Texas summer temperatures can reach as high as 110 degrees. Now as far as the real feel you would think you are a chicken in a rotisserie!

Can you imagine dressing appropriately for work? Going from the scorching summer heat to an arctic cold office? Well let me tell you it’s not the easiest thing in the world. I am here to give you some much needed tips on how you can still dress professionally, for both men and women, while battling the summer heat and while working in an ice cold office.

  1. BLACK is a NO! LIGHT Colors are a GO!

Although black is professional and slimming it is NOT a color you would want to wear during the summer outside! Black slacks and skirts are fine but let’s avoid black tops and wearing ALL black.

The color black absorbs lights and that light is converted into heat. This means you will be hot outside and if it’s hot enough you will begin to sweat and once inside you will freeze.

If you can avoid wearing black then you must do so. During the summer try wearing lighter colors such as white, yellow, and baby blue since they don’t absorb as much heat.


2. LESS is MORE!

When I say less is more I’m not saying show up to work in your swimsuit! I’m saying the less clothing you have on your body the better!

During the winter layers are recommended to stay warm but in the summer layering is NOT such a great idea! It my seem like a great idea once you get inside to your cold office but once you go outside once again it all backfires. Some outfits require you to layer and that’s ok but don’t over do it.

For women a cute skirt and a short sleeve blouse can do the trick. With a short sleeve blouse and a skirt you can easily manage the summer heat and professional in your cold office.

For men it’s a little more tricky because a suit and tie is considered the standard for professional men but during the summer it’s not always the best choice.  Men should stick with light weight dress pants and dress shoes. There are also different options of men’s underwear
that are designed to keep young professionals comfy and cool under their light weight dress clothes. As far as your top a mid-sleeve button down will be perfect! Your arms aren’t completely covered so you aren’t too hot and you wont be too cold in your office.

There are also different options of men’s underwear that are designed to keep young professionals comfy and cool under their light weight dress clothes.


I understand that it may be ice cold inside but it’s 110 degrees outside! You will not need your thick winter coat. If you easily become cold once you transition from the heat outside to the cold air inside carry around a lightweight jacket.

Wearing a  cardigan that matches your outfit will be perfect to stay warm inside the cold office. Once you leave your office to head to lunch or to head home you can easily remove your cardigan without instantly breaking a sweat.


4. Stay SHADED!

I may not be a hat person but during the summer it’s much needed! Men and women can do wonders with a nice hat! It not only a great sun blocker but it also keeps you a tad bit cooler.

You can always remove your hat when you reach your office.



Last but not least…just keep it simple! Style is important but sometimes keeping it simple is key inside and out!


Here is my style board on how you can dress during the summer as you transition from the summer heat to your arctic office!




In the Heat of the Moment








Whether we were ready or not the summer heat has made it’s grand entrance! I don’t know about any other state but the state of Texas is HOT! Not only are the people HOT but the temperatures are even HOTTER!

I live in Fort Worth, Texas and on this particular day it was 98 degrees out but the real feel was 110 degrees so yes it was pretty toasty out. My rule of thumb in the Texas Heat is “the less you have on the better you are.” So in other words, the less you have on your body you’ll be better off! This includes hair and shoes as well.

My dress was PERFECT for a day Downtown with a wonderful friend of mine! This Hanky Dress from Rue 21 was perfect for catching breeze, I caught too much of a breeze,  once the wind picked up and was sleeveless which gives you free arm movement but it’s also one less part of the outfit you don’t have to worry about. It also highlights curves which is always wonderful!  My knee high gladiator sandals tied the summer outfit together giving my feet air to breathe. Sorry I don’t have any details on my shoes because they were a Christmas gift.

I never turn down a cute dress especially if it can be worn during the summer to survive the heat! This dress is currently priced at $16.99 in stores and on-line and it is worth the purchase!

Check out my tips on Surviving the Summer Heat which is coming soon!











Black & White Inspired Fall Outfit (October 27, 2015)



Fall has been here for a couple of weeks & I had yet to post a cute outfit. Today is my first fall outfit post!

The weather is slowly but surely dropping which means it’s time for cute warm boots & cute jackets to match! And being on a college campus means there is beautiful scenery.

Black & White is perfect for any time of year with the exception of summer. And because it’s Fall a nude lip was perfect for this outfit. To top it all off was the perfect black & white anchor headband bow.

Details are as followed:

Black & White Plaid Jacket: Wet Seal
Black V-Neck Top: Wet Seal
Medium Acid Washed Jeans: Sear’s
Black Boots: Nine West
Black & White Anchor Headband Bow: Hot Topic