Dear College Self…

As a third year college student I’ve learned so many things about myself that I never thought I knew. It’s been a time for growth, reflection, and new beginnings but let’s be honest: nothing comes easy! I’ve written a letter to my younger college self, because I’m still in college, to share some of my best advice over my 3 years. As a 3rd year college student I’ve learned so many things about myself that I never thought I knew. It’s a time of growth, reflection, and new beginnings but lets be honest: NOTHING COMES EASY!


Dear Young College Self,


WOW…you’ve come a long way since starting college in August 2014! It may have seemed so long ago but little did you know time was going to fly by and you would be here. Over the 3 years you’ve come to learn that many things change and very little will remain the same and it’s important to cherish every single second you’re in college because it’s the best time of your life! There are some things you should know:

Firstly, know that what’s good for someone else may not be good for you whether it’s knowing how you study or doing something your friends are doing. I recall my biology lecture professor telling me, “use logic over your memory to study.” Did it make sense to me? No, but I went with it because as the professor you think it’ll work for you. In the end I didn’t do well in that class because I didn’t trust my gut. You have to find your own way of doing things that makes you comfortable.

Secondly, CREATE A BUDGET FOR YOURSELF! College can be all fun and games until you want to do something fun that costs money that you don’t have! You don’t have to go spending money to do something fun & you don’t have to spend tons of money of fancy food either. I can remember have only $30 left to last me a week. I had a car, which I used to get to and from work, that needed gas, needed food, and wanted to do something fun with my great friend. You can’t complain because let’s be honest…things could be worse. That week I made that $30 stretch far! Instead of going out my friend and I went half on a large pizza and had a “Netflix Movie Night!” With the remaining funds I put $15 in the tank. Budgeting in college is SERIOUS! It’s almost like it’s forcing you to grow up and figuring things out yourself. Being able to budget while in school will set you up for financial success after school. Those student loans kick in just a few months after graduation. The amount that you owe can seem like you will never be able to pay it back. But believe me, you will! Consider looking into a resource who can help save you money by refinancing your student loans. Money doesn’t make the fun because you can make your own fun.

LIVE A LITTLE! Yes, it’s important to study and earn the good grades. Yes, it’s important to go to class but again college is supposed to be the best years of your life too! Sometimes a good friend and a full tank of gas can take you anywhere! Take a 1 Day Road Trip and see where it takes you, go out for a night on the town, and go to that party! Have some fun and enjoy yourself even if that means getting all dolled up just to go out to eat.

College is your opportunity to meet your “Forever friends.” These are the friends that will most likely be in your wedding. Just know that everyone you meet in college aren’t your “forever friends.” There are very few friendships that will actually make out of college while the others will simply fade away. Just know that you can’t hold on to all of your relationships and force them to work because all relationships have a purpose. It’s better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies because less is always so much more!

Also remember that everything passes and nothing is a bad as it seems. Thing may seem hard at that moment in time BUT it will pass and things will always get better within time.

College is an amazing adventure. Think positive, follow your heart. chase your dreams, appreciate the time you have there, live in the moment the best you can, and most importantly love yourself and grow each day!


Wishing you all the best, love, and joy,

~Your Older College Self


Secrets for a Successful Third Year of College

Last Thursday marked the end of my 3rd year of college! This year has been full of amazing ups, very few downs, and wonderful memories! I will definitely say that this year, out of the 3yrs I’ve been in school, has been my best year by far.

During my 3rd year I’ve even learned some valuable lessons that I will always take with me. These lessons have helped me have not only a fun memorable year but also a very successful one! These are lessons that no one really tells you and we have to learn on our own. You can call them secrets and here are my spilled secrets that no one tells you but you learn them anyway!

1. You’ll LEARN how to make friends that are lifetime friends!

Yes, we learn “how to make friends” during elementary, middle, and high school but we don’t “learn.” Lets be honest: How many friends do you still have from elementary/middle/high school? If you can answer this truthfully you may have said less than 2 or none at all. That’s because the friendships have faded away and that’s okay!

When you get to college you learn how to make friends that will last you for the rest of your life! Most likely, the friends in college will be your best friends and possibly the friends that are in your wedding party!

2. We always say failure isn’t an option BUT sometimes we have to accept it!

I had to learn this the hard way a few times and this time was the last time I was going to learn the hard way! We, as people, always say that failure isn’t an option but sometimes we have to accept our failure and keep it moving. I had to drop a class this semester because I knew there was no coming back from that class and it would have KILLED my GPA. I knew it was time to drop the class and accept that.

Let’s be honest…you didn’t fail. You just knew that you had to look after your GPA and whatever sanity you had left!


3. Get more BANG for your BUCK!

Even with a job you are BROKE! You’re going to always need something for this class, food to survive the entire week, and gas which is seriously so overpriced that you may consider buying a bike and peddling everywhere! The important thing is to get as much as you can with as little as possible. Don’t purchase anything if you know you don’t need it and if it’s free it’s better!


4. Have fun & make as many beautiful memories as possible!

Yes we are attending college to get a degree and yes we are there to work so hard that we are sleep deprived but you are also there to step outside of your comfort zone. You step outside of your comfort zone so much that you have no choice but to meet new people. Those people will become some of your greatest friends, like I mentioned in the 1st lesson, or they can become your worst enemy.

The important thing is to have fun and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! You’ll tell your children these stories. The people you create these memories with will be the reason you continue to make memories.

I can say I met 2 of the most wonderful spirits this school year and I have created memories with them that I will tell my children at least a hundred times! I’ve made so many memories that I can’t wait to make more with them this summer when I go on a road trip to visit them.


Again, these are the reasons I had such a wonderful year! I’ve finally met some friends that I can rely on and that I am truly happy with. I couldn’t have been more happier and I already can’t wait for June so we can go on adventures in their city and also August so we can go on adventures that will probably make great books one day!

I never understood what people meant by “College is what you make it” when we are always told to study, study, study but I get it now. You can study and still have time to enjoy school. You’re only an undergraduate once…make the best of it while you can.


“I didn’t know I was having fun in school until I began making memories!”

~Erriel JD 





College Closet Confessions

We all have confessions that are dying to be told but our closets are oozing with confessions as soon as you open the door! So it’s time for me to fess up! Here are my Closet Confessions as a College Student!

  1. I’M MOVING!

Yes you read right! I’m in the process of moving houses so my closet is in total disarray! I’m starting to put my closet into boxes after living in my childhood home for 10 years. Finding clothes at this moment is not easy!


  1. I have 2 Closets!

Now how on earth do I have 2 closets? Well I’m a college junior who still lives in a dorm. Therefore, I have 2 closets FULL of clothes which leads to my 3rd confession.


  1. 2 Closets= NO SPACE

Having two different closets is all fun and games until it’s time to move back home for the summer.  Both of my current closets are the size of a typical closet but trying to mesh together to small closets into one big closet is a task itself! It’s almost like “Closet Wars!” Everything from both closets is fighting to take over! Clothes, shoes, purses, EVERYTHING is fighting for a spot!


  1. I’m Holding on to Things From HIGH SCHOOL!

I graduated high school in 2014 and 3 years later I still have things sitting in my closet from my high school glory days! Any gift I received such as teddy bears and cards are all on my top shelf in my closet! Now I’m trying to make room for my college memories!

5.  My Shoes DOMINATE My Closet! 

You can NEVER have too many shoes  but my shoes dictate my college closet! When I see a pair of shoes in a store that I like I usually buy them because shoes are hard for me to come by because of my shoe size. Can you imagine having almost 4 buckets of shoes to take back home once it’s time to move out?


There you have it! My college Closet Confessions! Now what about you? It’s time to dish it! What are your closet confessions! Leave you CC in a comment below! 


A College Student’s V-Day Poem

As a college student money is hard to come by especially if you have to manage on a monthly budget. It’s even worse around the holidays but I know many non college individuals can relate!

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love but as a college student it’s hard to purchase anything unless it’s a meal from the school cafeteria for your loved one with the schools dining dollars. So why not write something funny to show you still care? Here’s a college twist on “Roses are Red” poem!


Roses are red, violets are blue

I ain’t got no money and neither do you! 

We can go to the cafeteria where the meal is free

And then to the washateria because laundry is on me! 

We can have a few shots to get a few thrills 

And maybe we can participate in some Netflix and chill!

So roses are red, violets are blue

I’ll buy your next textbook & you do my homework when it’s DUE! 



Midterms are in the Air


It’s about that time for all college students. One of the weeks every college students dread and we all want to drink the week away. We call this week…MIDTERM WEEK!

Can you believe October is actually almost over? I still find it hard to believe. But for me it’s time for midterms and of course I would like to sleep the week away because I am not a good test taker. It’s the one thing I fear most because I feel like I am incapable if I don’t pass.

Thankfully, my semester thus far has been going great! I have wonderful grades, a great job, and have made a few more friends. This semester, like I promised myself, has definitely been different. I am fighting to get to where I want to be.

But back to the task at hand, midterms are truly a force of evil that no college student wants to mess with! Usually, the midterm sets you up for finals and if you’ve heard your professor say, “if you fail my midterm you may fail my final” then you can figure out the rest. So can you imagine me being terrified?

I’d like to wish all college students nationwide good luck. Don’t go crazy on the alcohol and don’t drown in coffee!

P.S-NO I have NOT brought all of my textbooks for my classes…OOPS!

College Round 2: My Years Goals

As many of ya’ll know I am a college student at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. I have recently changed my major from Nutrition Emphasis in Dietetics to Special Education with a minor in education and hopefully a minor in Deaf Education as well.

I have also recently met my new roommate and let me tell ya’ll she is sweet as Pecan Pie!

Academically, I am shooting for all A’s in my classes this year but for right now I am taking it one semester at a time! I am shooting for an A in my developmental math class so I can finally take my college level math class. This semester, and year, I also plan to increase my GPA so I can soon apply for student-teaching so I can one day receive my teaching certificate so I can teach in a Special Education class.

Socially, I am making it a MUST that I get along with my roommate this school year & after meeting her yesterday we are definitely going to get along! She took time out of her day to email me and just say hello and to not be alarmed when I come back. I felt that was an act of not only kindness but of respect.

I feel that this school year for me is going to be different! I am not expecting any drama. I’m expecting to excel academically and I am hoping to gain some financial stability. I am only 2 weeks into school and I am already thrilled about the year!

Importance of Education

Hey ya’ll! As ya’ll know I have changed my major from nutrition to special education but I am creating this post to give some advice to students all over the world who struggle with school.

Now me personally growing up going through school I actually liked going (weird yes I know but let me explain)! School was an escape for me. School became my home away from home where I met new people, learned new things and widened my horizons to the world.

Then in 2008 middle school started (2008-2010) & school became HELL for me! I was always in constant arguments, rumors about me went around the school and people began to see me as some type of monster! At this point in time I had a found HATRED for school. Waking up in the morning just to go was hard and on some days I just wanted to say “I’M DONE!”

But a certain teacher made me see things differently. My then AVID teacher, Mrs. AJ Hicks, became like a mentor to me. When I was down she always lifted my spirits. When I needed an adult to talk to, she was always there. She brought back the joy of going to school although middle school was the WORST 2yrs of my life and I have literally wiped everything that occurred from my memory except her talks.

I can honestly say that there was a huge turn around for me once I started high school in 2010. I started my journey as a colorguard member and it’s like I had a family away from family because the colorguard became family for me! Through my 4 years of high school I participated in colorguard for 3 of those years until some wrong doing that made me end my journey. But it’s like I was still a member because I was, and still, am close to some of the girls.

And the magical day came for me. June 01, 2014….the day I graduated high school! It was the best feeling in the world to know that I survived 13 years (kindergarten-12th grade) of school and finally received my diploma! I graduated at the top 25% of my class with a rank of 102 out of 489 students. Let me tell you it made me feel PROUD!

Now here is the moral of this post & YES my post has a moral! Education is IMPORTANT! In this lifetime in order to get a high paying job…NO…the CAREER of your choice…you MUST have a high school diploma! PERIOD! There are many student I hear that skip class or drop out of school because it’s “too hard” or because they are hanging with the wrong crowd. Let me tell you that’s not going to get you anywhere in life! Why miss out on a free education? I don’t see the point…do you? (It’s different if you go to private school)

It doesn’t get any better in college either! I’ll admit in college you get a little bit of breathing room because your parents aren’t on your case about your grades, your away from home (unless otherwise) and you can make some of your own decisions. But there’s a difference between public school (in my case) and college: YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT (well your parents are). So you skip that math class for 3 weeks straight but when you’re ready to go that professor says “you are no longer welcomed in my class & you’ll receive an F as your final grade.” Then what will you do?

See in college there is no “make-up” days. There’s no summer school for that class to earn credit. It’s simply you pass it the first time round or you pay to retake it again!

So if you don’t like school then find a reason to like it! Find what motivates you: a teacher, a family member or even a future career you may want! Find a few friends (and by a few I mean like 3-5) that have something going for themselves (which means they are always in class, never skip and do their work). You may have a favorite subject let that motivate you! For me I enjoyed history, colorguard and lunch!

Just find that drive that you have and put it to good use. Let’s be honest: a cell phone can only get you so far.

Now I leave you with this quote:

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
Is skipping out on your education more important than receiving one?