2017 Experience Bucket List

“Materialism is the ONLY form of distraction from true bliss.” ~Douglas Horton

In today’s world we are all about our iPhones, laptops, and anything else money can buy. We are so glued to our materials that we forget to stop and enjoy ourselves. Personally I always find a way to enjoy myself although many people in older generations say that my generation doesn’t know how to enjoy ourselves without the aid of technology.

In this post, I will be sharing my 2017 Experience Bucket List on things I want to experience this year that have NOTHING to do with materialistic things. As a blogger and as a college student with limited funds I believe that there are things we should experience that don’t involve expensive materialistic things that won’t be around for a long time.


o   Now it’s always been my dream to travel and explore the world! Being a broke college student it seems IMPOSSIBLE to actually travel which is why I have created myself a “Travels Jar.” In my jar I save up with the hopes of traveling to a certain destination. My dream locations to travel are Bollywood, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii.


o   I have numerous hobbies and photography is definitely in my top 3. I would definitely love to get back into photography this year because it is so relaxing and I am able to see the world through a stronger lens other than my own.


o   I know what you’re asking: “What exactly is a crawl?” A crawl is almost like hoping from place to place. The term is mostly used as a “bar crawl.” I, on the other hand, want to use the phrase in many different ways. I would like to go on festival crawls, bar crawls, and even food crawls with a few close friends. It feels good to be out doing things just to have fun without sitting in the house and you get to meet new people.


That’s it! That’s my 2017 Experience Bucket List! I want to be able to enjoy my younger years without having to worry about materialistic things. Let’s be honest, the materialistic things won’t be around forever but memories will last FOREVER! This tool can help you plan your own get together’s with friends

Now I want to know how are you going to create new memories and experiences without materialistic things?  Leave a comment below!


Being Young & Twenty…

I can truly say that I am learning what it means for me to be young and twenty! As my 21st birthday approaches in March I am constantly learning something new about the world around me and also learning something new about myself. Life lessons come almost everyday but even when they arrive I still don’t understand them but I definitely learn from them.

For me being young and twenty means NEVER having all your puzzle pieces and making things work with the pieces you have!

One thing I’ve realized is that I am 20 and I don’t have everything together! I don’t have my own apartment and I’m not set in my career. I’m not in a relationship but I’m enjoying the single life. Once I turned 20 I opened my new puzzle box and many of the pieces were missing because it’s my job to figure out what pieces are missing but hey I have plenty of time to figure out what pieces are missing! Although I expected all my pieces to be in that box the likelihood of that happening was slim to none.

It’s almost like no matter how much I learn and no matter what I acquire over the years I’ll still be missing some of my puzzle pieces! I might be missing puzzle pieces until I’m in my 30s maybe even my 40s but that’s ok because even a 30 something year old doesn’t have everything together.

So for me in my twenties I’ll most likely never have my life together and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone expects me to have everything put together but I’m still in a teenagers mentality on some things. I’m in absolutely NO rush to have my life together. This is my time to enjoy myself and explore just how far I can go! Testing the ocean is a lot different than testing a swimming pool but we have to have courage to test our boundaries.

Now I leave you with a quote:

I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it’s tougher to be in your 20s because you’re expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still. 

~Nigel Cole

Enjoy your twenties because you can never rewind these years!


Summer Styling: From Summer Heat to Arctic Air

Everyone knows summer temperatures can be the worst depending on where you live. Here Deep in the Heart of Texas summer temperatures can reach as high as 110 degrees. Now as far as the real feel you would think you are a chicken in a rotisserie!

Can you imagine dressing appropriately for work? Going from the scorching summer heat to an arctic cold office? Well let me tell you it’s not the easiest thing in the world. I am here to give you some much needed tips on how you can still dress professionally, for both men and women, while battling the summer heat and while working in an ice cold office.

  1. BLACK is a NO! LIGHT Colors are a GO!

Although black is professional and slimming it is NOT a color you would want to wear during the summer outside! Black slacks and skirts are fine but let’s avoid black tops and wearing ALL black.

The color black absorbs lights and that light is converted into heat. This means you will be hot outside and if it’s hot enough you will begin to sweat and once inside you will freeze.

If you can avoid wearing black then you must do so. During the summer try wearing lighter colors such as white, yellow, and baby blue since they don’t absorb as much heat.


2. LESS is MORE!

When I say less is more I’m not saying show up to work in your swimsuit! I’m saying the less clothing you have on your body the better!

During the winter layers are recommended to stay warm but in the summer layering is NOT such a great idea! It my seem like a great idea once you get inside to your cold office but once you go outside once again it all backfires. Some outfits require you to layer and that’s ok but don’t over do it.

For women a cute skirt and a short sleeve blouse can do the trick. With a short sleeve blouse and a skirt you can easily manage the summer heat and professional in your cold office.

For men it’s a little more tricky because a suit and tie is considered the standard for professional men but during the summer it’s not always the best choice.  Men should stick with light weight dress pants and dress shoes. There are also different options of men’s underwear
that are designed to keep young professionals comfy and cool under their light weight dress clothes. As far as your top a mid-sleeve button down will be perfect! Your arms aren’t completely covered so you aren’t too hot and you wont be too cold in your office.

There are also different options of men’s underwear that are designed to keep young professionals comfy and cool under their light weight dress clothes.


I understand that it may be ice cold inside but it’s 110 degrees outside! You will not need your thick winter coat. If you easily become cold once you transition from the heat outside to the cold air inside carry around a lightweight jacket.

Wearing a  cardigan that matches your outfit will be perfect to stay warm inside the cold office. Once you leave your office to head to lunch or to head home you can easily remove your cardigan without instantly breaking a sweat.


4. Stay SHADED!

I may not be a hat person but during the summer it’s much needed! Men and women can do wonders with a nice hat! It not only a great sun blocker but it also keeps you a tad bit cooler.

You can always remove your hat when you reach your office.



Last but not least…just keep it simple! Style is important but sometimes keeping it simple is key inside and out!


Here is my style board on how you can dress during the summer as you transition from the summer heat to your arctic office!




In the Heat of the Moment








Whether we were ready or not the summer heat has made it’s grand entrance! I don’t know about any other state but the state of Texas is HOT! Not only are the people HOT but the temperatures are even HOTTER!

I live in Fort Worth, Texas and on this particular day it was 98 degrees out but the real feel was 110 degrees so yes it was pretty toasty out. My rule of thumb in the Texas Heat is “the less you have on the better you are.” So in other words, the less you have on your body you’ll be better off! This includes hair and shoes as well.

My dress was PERFECT for a day Downtown with a wonderful friend of mine! This Hanky Dress from Rue 21 was perfect for catching breeze, I caught too much of a breeze,  once the wind picked up and was sleeveless which gives you free arm movement but it’s also one less part of the outfit you don’t have to worry about. It also highlights curves which is always wonderful!  My knee high gladiator sandals tied the summer outfit together giving my feet air to breathe. Sorry I don’t have any details on my shoes because they were a Christmas gift.

I never turn down a cute dress especially if it can be worn during the summer to survive the heat! This dress is currently priced at $16.99 in stores and on-line and it is worth the purchase!

Check out my tips on Surviving the Summer Heat which is coming soon!











Life After Loss

Snapchat-9069347967082497672-1 (1)


I am creating this post not as an update but to reveal more about myself. This post is entitled “Life After Loss.” I chose this title because I feel that it’s appropriate for what I’m about to say.
As many of you know the year 2015, in general, was a tough year. I lost my Great Grandmother in July, I lost someone in August, and I unexpectedly lost my cousin Sharva to the Texas Tornado in December. For me that was one loss too many! After the second loss I began to spiral into a depression but the death of Sharva made me feel like I lost ALL control! I started doing things that put my life in danger just to comfort myself. I stayed in my dorm because I didn’t want to do anything or see anyone unless it was Jasmine.
Before I lost my cousin a friend of mine, Jasmine (I call her Jasi), suggested I see one of the councilors at my school since it is free. I hesitated at first because I don’t open up to just anyone but I decided to do it. It may have taken me 10 minutes to walk through the doors but I did.

Once I started seeing my therapist in October I felt some relief but I still had my wall of emotions built high to the sky. It wasn’t until January 2016 when I returned from Winter Break after my cousins funeral that I finally tore down that wall & let out every emotion I’ve felt for 7 months. I cried for the first time in front of my therapist and I didn’t feel bad about it. I finally showed that I was vulnerable.
After that therapy visit I felt a cloud of relief shower over me. One thing that stuck with me from that day was the word CHANGE! Not only did my therapist use the word often during that session but Jasmine had used the word often as well when I talked to her about things.
From that day I decided to make some POSITIVE CHANGES! For starters I continued therapy and I began going to an Expressive Arts Group which helped me determine the emotions I was truly feeling and to determine my deep inner thoughts. I began to go to something called “Pinterest Night” at my school where you can just be creative through ideas on Pinterest. I gave the one thing that I used for comfort to Jasmine because I finally seen the harm I was truly doing to myself. From then on I don’t look at that object the same.

So throughout this process a few words have stuck with me. One of the words is CHANGE! I learned that no matter how many negative changes occur in my life I have to be willing to make some positive changes to match them. STRENGTH; No matter what happens I have to have strength because without it I can and will be easily defeated. VULNERABILITY; Sometimes it’s ok to be vulnerable because it shows the world what you are feeling on the inside. And last but not least SELF; After dramatic experiences you have to take time to yourself so you can rediscover yourself and better yourself.

I can say that it has been a tough road but I’m not going to allow what has happened to affect me. I’m going to continue to better myself because there is always a brighter side to things. There are people who are always there willing to help you better yourself. And there is always joy after every corner if you go searching hard enough!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

~ John F. Kennedy

Rock Your Natural

Natural Hair

What better way to rock your hair than to rock your natural hair pattern??

So here’s the backstory about how I went natural:

Years ago, I was a sophomore in high school, and I went to get my hair done. I was talking to my then hairstylist about what I wanted done to my hair and she suggested that I not get a perm. So with great hesitation I agreed to not get a perm and after I haven’t had a drop of perm on my head since 2012!

Now fast forward to 4 years later and ALL of the perm chemicals have grown out and I now have a cute curly water wave hair pattern!

So this specific day I had taken my braids down and decided to wear my natural for a few days because wanted my hair to breathe before I flat ironed my hair a few days later. All I did was wash and apply Motions leave-in conditioner!

So the reason I am wanting to share this:

People will always give you a reason, or many reasons, why you shouldn’t be natural and why you should get perms. You’ll hear:

  1. You’ll prettier
  2. You’ll be able to able to maintain your hair.
  3. People will accept you if you have the “right hair.”

The list can go on and on! But I can say that they’re wrong. Rocking your natural hair is such an amazing feeling! You’re free of chemicals which means less chemical burns. For me I felt free of the beauty standard that African American women have to get perms to be beautiful. Now I’m not saying any woman who gets perms isn’t beautiful because we are ALL beautiful but I feel free of the stereotype!

So if you are natural keep up the great work! It’s so worth the time to maintain your natural hair and it’s so rewarding in the end! Just know that your NATURAL ROCKS & you can ROCK YOUR NATURAL!

Welcoming June & Updates!

Hello everyone & can we also say WELCOME JUNE 2016! Holy Cookie Monster we’ve made it halfway through the year 2016! Can ya’ll believe it?

Now I know I’ve been a ghost since March but I realized I needed a break from EVERYTHING! After loosing my cousin Sharva in December 2015 (refer to the blog post “An Angel too Soon if you don’t know the story please) and with the stress of college I had to take some time away from blogging and gather myself.

Good thing is it worked!

I continued seeing my councilor at my school which helped a GREAT deal. I also started doing things that I did before such as scrapbooking and realized that art is very soothing to me which made me join an expressive arts group.

During my break I also finished my 4th semester and will be going into my 3rd year of college as a junior Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Education with Core Subjects EC-6) Major with grades that would make you NOT SING BUT sang! Now I am enjoying my summer vacation until August rolls back around.

Ya’ll let me just say that the break did me well! I feel like I can come back and be a better blogger! Now I know I am a Lifestyle (my personal life) & Style blogger but sometimes you have to shut it down, unless it’s for homework, and just say I need time. I can say I took advantage of my time and now I can come back to my blog an be a better blogger for not only myself but for you all. And also I came back for you all and because my cousin of all people LOVED my blog so I have to continue to make her proud!

Outfit of the Day posts will be returning in approximately 2 WEEKS so keep an eye out for those posts through Twitter & Instagram (@EJLChronicles). I will also be using Facebook more and would LOVE for you all to like my page (Erriel J’s Life Chronicle’s). I would LOVE to do a video chat with ya’ll so we can get to know each other better and spread some positivity. And I will hopefully be hosting more Twitter chats so if you want to be apart of the conversation follow me on Twitter. I’m also back on Snapchat so if you’re on snap you can follow me (@ErrielJAriessta) and you can see some of my recorded foolishness haha!

I’m so glad to be back and can’t wait to share more things with you! I love you all and have a wonderful night!


Hugs & kisses,

Erriel JD