‘Tis the Season



‘Tis the season to be jolly everyone! As we all know it’s DECEMBER which means it’s holiday season. And what better way to start the season off than taking pictures with Santa Claus? Especially since finals are next week.

For me it takes me back to my childhood the few times I did take pictures with Santa. It’s something that you’ll always remember. How do you ring in the holidays?


Christmas DIY Projects

Now that Thanksgiving has came and gone, along with Black Friday, Christmas is around the corner which means lights will be shining bright and the world becomes festive no matter what holiday you celebrate!

This Christmas I plan to do a few DIY Projects. I will be making a few Christmas inspired headbands including one for Christmas Eve which will be a complete surprise. I also plan on making a t-shirt (not literally) for my families annual Christmas Eve Breakfast. And maybe, just maybe, I will make a set of Christmas Ears like the ones you find in the store.

I plan on making these items and showing them off to ya’ll in Outfit of the Day posts and through regular picture posts so stay tuned!


Thanksgiving, like many others in years past, was cold and raining but the food was DELICIOUS!

We out did ourselves this year when it came to the food! The turkey, glazed ham, sweet potatoes, homemade macaroni-and-cheese, sweet corn on the cob, dressing, greens, sweet potato pie, pecan sweet potato pie, German chocolate cake and cranberry sauce was the highlight of the dinner table! I was so full I couldn’t feel my legs until this morning ha-ha! It was a great family fulfilled day which is something that I always look forward to.

I can so this for sure: I am beyond grateful for my family and my closest friends. I am grateful for the home(s) I live in and for my good health. I am grateful for everyone who stood by me through my highs and my lows. I am grateful for everyday I get to wake up and experience. I’m grateful for love and the love others have for me like I have for them. Grateful I am…forever I am grateful!


Happy Birthday Buddy



All birthdays are special in their own unique way. You may be the only child, you may be a twin or triplet (or higher multiple) or you may be the only girl! But I find that the birthday of those who had to fight for their lives are even more special.

Last Thursday, November 12, my brother Leamon “Buddy” Jr. turned 1oyrs old! 10 is not only a special birthday because you’ve made it to double digits but for him it’s special because we were told he would never see his 10th birthday.

For anyone who is a parent of a preemie(s) or siblings you know that it is fairly difficult for some. All preemies have their bad days. Some preemies make it home to be with their families while some don’t get that chance. I for one am so grateful that my brother is one of the preemies that made it home despite his rough journey in the NICU!

Now back to his birthday. It’s no birthday without a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Of course he had a birthday party at school! His entire class was beyond excited about his birthday. They were actually more excited about his birthday than their own birthday. We had cupcakes and juice and his teacher let the class watch Sid the Science Kid since that is his favorite show! He was so excited the entire day! It’s funny because we always said, since he was younger, that he knows it’s his day when he wakes up because he is ALL smiles.

He rocked his 10th birthday! Now I feel a tad bit old because he’ll be 11 next year and I’ll be 2o…

“Just because you were born a bit earlier, we get to comfort, love, and cherish you a bit sooner.”

~Alvaretta Roberts

Black & White Inspired Fall Outfit (October 27, 2015)



Fall has been here for a couple of weeks & I had yet to post a cute outfit. Today is my first fall outfit post!

The weather is slowly but surely dropping which means it’s time for cute warm boots & cute jackets to match! And being on a college campus means there is beautiful scenery.

Black & White is perfect for any time of year with the exception of summer. And because it’s Fall a nude lip was perfect for this outfit. To top it all off was the perfect black & white anchor headband bow.

Details are as followed:

Black & White Plaid Jacket: Wet Seal
Black V-Neck Top: Wet Seal
Medium Acid Washed Jeans: Sear’s
Black Boots: Nine West
Black & White Anchor Headband Bow: Hot Topic

Baby Gift for Baby Myah


Babies are all blessings no matter what & all of them are loved by someone.
Yesterday night I was suppose to attend my friends baby shower but due to the storm here in Ft.Worth I wasn’t able to attend. However I was able to get her gift to her today!
Remind ya’ll I hadn’t seen this friend for some time  (a year to be exact) so it felt good to see her very pregnant & to talk to her. It almost seemed like forever.
As ya’ll can tell the baby is a GIRL! Her name is Myah & she will be here in 2 weeks! I even seen & felt her move today! She thought I was talking to her haha! I can’t wait to meet her! She’s going to be a cutie pie!

North Crowley Homecoming Game 2015







IT’S WAS HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING! October 16, 2015 was North Crowley’s homecoming football vs. Weatherford high school. I was so excited to go for the second year as a North Crowley Alumni!

My sister performed with her 3 Starletts & they were so adorable! I got to see my Guard Children & I seen my friend Andrew who’s in the Army. I had a blast that night and I felt like I was back in high school.

Although we didn’t win it was a really close game! 31-35 I mean it was really close. I even promised my girls I’d come back for SENIOR NIGHT (in November so stay tuned)!

Everyone did a great job! Made me feel like I’m back in high school which is a GREAT feeling. I can’t wait to see everyone again especially my senior babies!