Valentine’s Day Romantic Getaways

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the pressure is on for planning out the perfect holiday to either take your relationship to the next level or to re-ignite the spark that you both fell in love with. What better way to create an everlasting memory than a getaway!


With all of the demands of life, it’s not often that you can spend time away with only each other on your minds. A holiday getaway will allow you to do just that, all while providing a unique experience of it’s own.


Whether you enjoy exploring a romantic city together or watching breath-taking sunsets, check out this list of top Valentine’s Day romantic holidays!


Paris, France


Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, France is a great destination for a Valentine’s Day Getaway.


This picturesque city has much to offer, beginning with the centerpiece of its skyline. The Eiffel Tower is the perfect place for a couple’s photo and what can be more romantic than sharing a kiss underneath the iconic tower!


Many people know the French language as the language of love. This creates the perfect ambiance while exploring the city. During the daytime, you can venture around to some notable locations in the city. Paris is known for their Love Lock Bridge, a place where couples can write their name or a note on a lock and attach it to this bridge to symbolize everlasting love.


Whether you prefer a small-town outdoor café or a classy restaurant, in Paris you can find amazing an amazing dining experience to share with your mate over some of the finest wines that the city has to offer. Not to mention the beautiful nighttime view of the Eiffel Tower.


Paris is a great location for seeing some of the best that Europe has to offer, all while making your Valentine’s Day memorable for years to come!


Montego Bay, Jamaica


Nothing says romantic more than beaches with white sand and pristine waters. To experience all of this and more, the Caribbean is an ideal destination for your getaway, and more specifically Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Jamaica has always been a popular travel destination, but Montego Bay is the perfect place for escape the tourist bustle so you can focus on the most important thing, being a couple.


Montego Bay is home to several hotel resorts with setting the stage for romance being high on their priority list. Deciding the right resort is important to ensure you can experience all of the luxury you deserve as couple, from couple’s massages to dinner on the beach featuring some of the best food that Jamaica has to offer looking out into the vast ocean.


The experience that Montego Bay offers is unmatched anywhere in the world thanks to the hospitality and beautiful weather around Valentine’s Day. Love is always in the air here, as you will often find many other couples escaping the “real world” for this little slice of Caribbean heaven.


Montego Bay has a romantic reputation and if you get the change to experience it for your Valentine’s Day, you will understand exactly why.


Ayia Napa, Cyprus


We all know and love the Greek culture but sometimes the country’s popularity may make it a little too active for your romantic getaway. Well here’s a tip: there’s an island located off the coast of Greece known as Cyprus which gives you the best of both worlds, Greek culture and island culture, making it a great destination for Valentine’s Day!


The Southeastern part of the Cyprus is known as Ayia Napa is a resort location that will provide the best experience for your holiday trip.


If you’re a couple that loves nature, then you’ll fall in love with Cyprus just as much as Cyprus will make both of you fall deeper in love. Ayia Napa offers the best beaches on the island, and if you’re lucky you may stumble across a private beach to enjoy some time alone. After seeing the view from sea level, prepare to have your breath taken away by hiking through the forested mountains to reach clearings that will reveal views of the entire island, the beaches and more!


Because it is heavily influenced by Greek culture, the dining experience is world-class.


Ayia Napa may be one of the hidden gems for your Valentine’s Day getaway but one look at the beautiful island and it may become your Valentine’s Day tradition.


Cebu, Philippines


There’s a reason why so many Asian romance movies are filmed in the Philippines. If you find yourself on this side of the world, Cebu, Philippines will be one of the top choices for the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway.


Cebu is home to countless resorts, offering an experience like none other. Clear water, perfect weather, and a beautiful culture, the Philippines will provide an amazing backdrop to your romantic experience. A unique feature to many of their resorts are huts that stretch out into the water to place you right in the middle of the beautiful ocean and at the same time, giving you privacy with your own space.


The Philippines is known for their underwater life that is great to experience with the numerous water activities such as boat tours and snorkeling provided around the island.


Being a popular travel destination, you can plan out a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants, which will get you a taste at some amazing Filipino dishes.


To close out each day, you have the opportunity to see the best sunsets imaginable in the Philippines.


Cebu, Philippines offers a one-of-a-kind resort experience for a Valentine’s Day getaway that provides the perfect setting for romance.


Maui, Hawaii


For romantic getaways, we often think about islands as being the perfect escape because of their isolation and often the only company we have is whom we arrived with.


This is why one of the most talked about islands, Hawaii, is the perfect Valentine’s Days destination!


Across all the Hawaiian Islands, you can get a tailored experience to match your level of romance. As hospitality is an important factor to ensure a great romantic holiday, you can find many five-star experiences in Maui, from hotels and resorts, to restaurants, to beaches.


Visiting Hawaii as a couple will isolate you from the outside world and bring you into a world of beauty. Maui provides everything from great service in many establishments to amazing beaches.


As a popular romantic destination for couples, you can find many tourism services specifically catered to couples that will handpick the best experiences to partake on as a couple including horse riding on the beach, water activities, an even more intimate experiences including dining and pampering.


Maui is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day getaway because it is one of those places where depending on your mood, you can relax as much as you want or be as active as you’d like.

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A College Student’s V-Day Poem

As a college student money is hard to come by especially if you have to manage on a monthly budget. It’s even worse around the holidays but I know many non college individuals can relate!

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love but as a college student it’s hard to purchase anything unless it’s a meal from the school cafeteria for your loved one with the schools dining dollars. So why not write something funny to show you still care? Here’s a college twist on “Roses are Red” poem!


Roses are red, violets are blue

I ain’t got no money and neither do you! 

We can go to the cafeteria where the meal is free

And then to the washateria because laundry is on me! 

We can have a few shots to get a few thrills 

And maybe we can participate in some Netflix and chill!

So roses are red, violets are blue

I’ll buy your next textbook & you do my homework when it’s DUE! 



Valentine’s Day Around the World in 14 Minutes

It’s officially February 1st which means there are 13 days until Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day isn’t just a US holiday though! Many countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s day and in a different way of course. Let’s see how other countries celebrate the Day of Love!


  1. South Korea 

    whiteday8South Korea indulges in Valentine’s day completely different from the US. Valentine’s Day is commonly celebrated amongst younger couples but there’s a catch. Valentine’s Day is the day where women treat their man by showering him with gifts such as candy, flowers, and other couple like activities.

The script gets flipped on March 14. White Day is another variation of Valentine’s                  day celebrated in South Korea. On White Day men treat their women but the stakes                are higher and lets face it the gifts are bigger and better!

The last variation of Valentine’s Day is called Black Day which occurs on April 14! If                you are single then this day is made special for you! This is the day anyone single                    treats themselves wit dark bowls of jajangmyeon and their favorite junk food but hey            might as well buy yourself something nice too!


2. Philippines 


                “I Do” are the most common words spoken in the Philippine’s on Valentine’s Day.                  Similar to many Western countries many couples tie the knot or renew their vows                  on the special day. For many years the Philippine’s has been recognized for                              having mass ceremonies in locations such as malls and parks.

3. England 


              Just like children await for  Santa Claus in the US during Christmas the children of                England await the arrival of Jack Valentine! Now who’s Jack Valentine you ask? Jack                Valentine is the “Santa Claus” of Valentine’s Day! Children wait for the moment                    they can open their front doors to find small gifts from the Old Father of                                    Valentine’s Day well at least in Norfolk! Now don’t you wish we had a Jack                                Valentine?

4. Wales 


You won’t find anyone in Wales celebrating Cupid! The Welsh celebrate Saint Dwynwen on January 25 instead of February 14. The traditional romantic gift is a love spoon which is carved with beautiful designs. Today you can possibly purchase one but it’s better if it’s made by the man you love.

Today the love spoon can be used as party favors, wedding invitations or favors, or birth announcements!

I think I have dibs on ALL of these countries for Valentine’s Day! Where are you from & how do you celebrate Valentine’s day??