Dear College Self…

As a third year college student I’ve learned so many things about myself that I never thought I knew. It’s been a time for growth, reflection, and new beginnings but let’s be honest: nothing comes easy! I’ve written a letter to my younger college self, because I’m still in college, to share some of my best advice over my 3 years. As a 3rd year college student I’ve learned so many things about myself that I never thought I knew. It’s a time of growth, reflection, and new beginnings but lets be honest: NOTHING COMES EASY!


Dear Young College Self,


WOW…you’ve come a long way since starting college in August 2014! It may have seemed so long ago but little did you know time was going to fly by and you would be here. Over the 3 years you’ve come to learn that many things change and very little will remain the same and it’s important to cherish every single second you’re in college because it’s the best time of your life! There are some things you should know:

Firstly, know that what’s good for someone else may not be good for you whether it’s knowing how you study or doing something your friends are doing. I recall my biology lecture professor telling me, “use logic over your memory to study.” Did it make sense to me? No, but I went with it because as the professor you think it’ll work for you. In the end I didn’t do well in that class because I didn’t trust my gut. You have to find your own way of doing things that makes you comfortable.

Secondly, CREATE A BUDGET FOR YOURSELF! College can be all fun and games until you want to do something fun that costs money that you don’t have! You don’t have to go spending money to do something fun & you don’t have to spend tons of money of fancy food either. I can remember have only $30 left to last me a week. I had a car, which I used to get to and from work, that needed gas, needed food, and wanted to do something fun with my great friend. You can’t complain because let’s be honest…things could be worse. That week I made that $30 stretch far! Instead of going out my friend and I went half on a large pizza and had a “Netflix Movie Night!” With the remaining funds I put $15 in the tank. Budgeting in college is SERIOUS! It’s almost like it’s forcing you to grow up and figuring things out yourself. Being able to budget while in school will set you up for financial success after school. Those student loans kick in just a few months after graduation. The amount that you owe can seem like you will never be able to pay it back. But believe me, you will! Consider looking into a resource who can help save you money by refinancing your student loans. Money doesn’t make the fun because you can make your own fun.

LIVE A LITTLE! Yes, it’s important to study and earn the good grades. Yes, it’s important to go to class but again college is supposed to be the best years of your life too! Sometimes a good friend and a full tank of gas can take you anywhere! Take a 1 Day Road Trip and see where it takes you, go out for a night on the town, and go to that party! Have some fun and enjoy yourself even if that means getting all dolled up just to go out to eat.

College is your opportunity to meet your “Forever friends.” These are the friends that will most likely be in your wedding. Just know that everyone you meet in college aren’t your “forever friends.” There are very few friendships that will actually make out of college while the others will simply fade away. Just know that you can’t hold on to all of your relationships and force them to work because all relationships have a purpose. It’s better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies because less is always so much more!

Also remember that everything passes and nothing is a bad as it seems. Thing may seem hard at that moment in time BUT it will pass and things will always get better within time.

College is an amazing adventure. Think positive, follow your heart. chase your dreams, appreciate the time you have there, live in the moment the best you can, and most importantly love yourself and grow each day!


Wishing you all the best, love, and joy,

~Your Older College Self


Texas Wedding Attire

It’s officially WEDDING SEASON! Summer wedding invitations are rolling in and that means you and your special someone need something cute to wear. It’s important to not only look fashionable but to also dress according to the weather! You don’t want to be caught at a summer wedding in a winters outfit.

Deep in the heart of Texas, which is my home state, summer temperatures can easily reach above 110 degrees which usually means you want to wear too much. This makes it harder when you have to attend a formal event. I’ve partnered with Bonobos to create 3 different outfits that are fashionable and appropriate for the perfect summer wedding! I will also answer the burning question: “Do you wear black to a summer wedding?”

IMG_1712 (1)

A wedding in the gardens is the perfect place to rock a short, but not too short, dress and what other color would be better than nude in a garden full of beautiful colorful flowers! The aquamarine jewelry adds a pop of color to the woman’s outfit. A watch adds a fancy touch to the men’s outfit and both lady and her mister will be wearing black shoes.


IMG_1717 (1)

Now transitioning to the cool inside wedding where the air conditioning resides! The couple is wearing 2 different outfits BUT the gold accessories is what ties this outfit together!


IMG_1713 (1)

Last but not least you have to be prepared to hit the beach for romantic nuptials! This couple would be rocking the bright red and matching sunglasses. Cute gold accessories go perfect with her outfit while a brown belt goes perfect with his outfit.

Heels and dress shoes, in my opinion, are a NEGATIVE for a beach wedding because of the sand. You don’t want to feel like you are sinking so a flat pair of shoes is a must! In this outfit the woman has 2 different pair of shoes: she has the black sandals and she also has “barefoot” sandals just in case she wants to kick off her black sandals and put her feet in the sand. In the men’s outfit he will have a pair of black flats that are also easy to kick of.


So I know the question remains: “Do you wear black to a summer wedding?” Here’s the answer-“If you aren’t wearing black accessories then wearing black to a summer wedding, especially in Texas, is a DEFINITE NO! Black absorbs heat and the goal is to be fashionable and cool not passed out in a hospital from the heat.

For men in search of good looking and great fit pants for the special occasion check out Bonobos great selection of pants!

There you have it! 3 perfect outfits for a lady and her mister to wear to 3 different weddings that occur during the summer! I can’t wait for my mister and I to show off our outfits at our friends wedding in the future!

Dressing Room Dreams



We all have been inside a dressing room at some point but lets be honest…you don’t really enjoy being inside a boring dressing room that’s the size of a shoe box. A dressing room should be a fun space for you to try on clothes and get ready for your fun filled day or event.

I recently discovered this company called Arhaus and was inspired to create a moodboard of what would be in my dream dressing room. For years I’ve dreamed of building my dream home and of course as a fashion-forward woman and a fashion blogger I have to have my perfect dressing room! Getting ready for your day should be fun and with a little motivation not boring and uninspiring. There are a few must have items I want in my home dressing room to make it a fun functional space.

1. Comfy Circular Couch

I’m all about having my friends help me get ready when I need them to and they should always make themselves comfortable when in my home. Besides a soft king sized bed what else screams comfort? A nice comfy couch! The 4-piece sectional is the perfect center piece for my dressing room where my friends can sit back, relax, and possibly witness a mini fashion show from yours truly.

**Check out other sectional sofa options here!


2. A Bookcase or A Shoecase?

Everything has a purpose but some items have multiple purposes! I’ve turned this gorgeous bookcase into the perfect shoecase! I have a high volume of shoes and begin able to see all of my shoes in one place makes me joyous!


3. My Room in Crystal LIGHTS!

I’m not a huge fan of chandeliers but this one was screaming my name! The color makes it feel vintage and the crystals bring out it’s extra beauty. It makes the room pop!


4. Simple Vanity

All dressing rooms need a vanity!

5. Photobomb & Music

Being a blogger I take pictures to showcase my outfits and what better way to take pictures than with a mounted camera and your favorite music. There would be a designated spot for a mounted camera and a space for a wall speaker with a mounted holder for my iPhone or tablet to listen to my personalized playlist.


6. Accessory Island

If you have a space for your clothes and shoes you most definitely need a space for your accessories! This “accessory island” would be closer to the shoecase and would hold my sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, lip sticks, headbands, and anything other accessory that I own.


7. 3-Way Mirror

When you’re getting ready you have to know how you look in the outfit to determine if you’re going to “go through with it.” A 3-way mirror should do the trick! You can see yourself in 3 different angles and show off just a tad bit.

8. A Little Culture

I love different cultures along with my own culture but I love the concept of Ganesha that brings good luck and fortune. When I see artwork of Ganesha I become breath taken by the vibrant colors so it’s a definite that I have a beautiful Ganesha piece in my dressing room.

There you have it! My dream home dressing room! A room that matches my style, my comfort, and a space where I can hide whenever I need to do so. Be sure to check out Arhaus for more beautiful furniture pieces for any room in you home!


Fashion Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are so much fun! You get to see wonderful sites along the way and you get to see friends, like I did, upon arrival after the long drive. Like many, I want to be comfortable while sitting in the car for such a long period of time. For me I was traveling to Houston,TX to visit friends which is a 4hr and 45min trip.

Before I left I packed 3 essential items that were to go with me inside my car while I was driving to my destination!


When I drive long distances I love to kick my shoes off just like I’m at home! Flip flops are the easiest shoes, besides flats, that I can kick off and toss to the side.



Living and driving through Texas during the summer mean the sun is out and shining so bright that it literally blinds you! Within my car alone I have 3 pairs of sunglasses: one in my drivers door, one in my glasses holder, and one in my glove box. I may have to wear my prescription glasses with my sunglasses but at least I can see!



You may be wondering, “why a duffel bag?” Well I had 2 duffel bags: one for clothes and one for food. My food duffel remained in my front passenger seat for easy access to snack while on the road. Is it fashion? Not exactly BUT the bag was cute!


When you go on your next road trip I hope you think of my 3 essentials! They may come in handy when you plan your next trip!

Under the Sea~Relating to YOU & ME!

If you know me you know I am a Disney LOVER and this collaboration is one of my favorites! I have teamed up with Amy the wonderful hostess, and fellow Disney Lover, of Scariels Grotto to create a post about a specific movie.

So if you haven’t already guessed by the name of the title the movie I chose was The Little Mermaid! Why? Well my name, although spelled differently, is Erriel while in the movie the mermaids name is Ariel. I thought it would be fun to blog about this movie.

This post is all about The Little Mermaid quotes and how we relate to them without even knowing!

 “You’ve got your own style, now let it shine through and remember no matter what, you got to be you!”


Sebastian is the first ever sea creature to tell us to be ourselves! We all have our own unique style that is different from everyone else’s and we have to remember to shine through. As a fashion blogger I can relate this this, as well as other fashion bloggers, because I know my style is not going to be admired by everyone but I know that it doesn’t matter what everyone else likes because as long as I’m shining then that’s all that matters. NO ONE can steal my shine!



“Listen to me…the human world is a MESS!”


This is self explanatory…I’m going to just leave this there….



“Children have got to be free to lead their own lives.”


Now Sebastian is winning in the quotes challenge! I absolutely love this quote and I heavily relate to it. Sometimes in life you feel trapped by any and everything. You feel trapped by your demons, your past, your family, your friends, and anything else that may trap you and we wish that we were free of EVERYTHING!

Once you establish what has trapped you you do everything in your power to release yourself and once you do it’s going to be EPIC! Once you are released you can finally say, “I’m free!” , and once you do that you can be the leader of your own life and your own path.


“A woman doesn’t know how powerful her voice is until she’s been silenced.”



Now maybe Ursula meant this in a bad way BUT I see so much good in this quote. As women, we are often silenced and “never heard from again.” We as women have powerful voices and they should be heard but once someone silences us we don’t see the power behind our voice until it’s far too late sometimes. I too have felt this way. Once my voice was silenced I realized that my voice is something to be reckoned with not because I’m loud but because I have a lot to say and it’s something worth hearing.


Although a Disney movie I feel that many things that were said we can relate to our very own lives. I LOVE Disney and when I was younger I never understood what was being said but as I got older and was able to interpret things in my own way I was able to create meanings that I seen in The Little Mermaid because there are some powerful messages throughout the movie.


**Again I would like to thank Amy of Scariels Grotto for allowing me to team up with her for this post! I, being the blogger that I am, am full of fun and so it’s a MUST that I leave you with this fun iconic Disney theme song!


Children & The World of Books


Children can learn so much from books_1.jpg


Children who Love Reading are Better Equipped to Face the World

Most people understand the importance of teaching children to read and write. And, if we can instil children with a love of books there are many benefits available to them.

When a child loves to read he or she is going to have an easy time at school. Research is telling us that a child with a large vocabulary at the age of 4 years will learn to read and write quicker and better than a child with a smaller vocabulary.

But, is that the only benefit of teaching children to read?

Books Show Children New Worlds

Children’s books cover so many different places, times and fantasies; there is literally thousands of different worlds for children to explore.

Imagine being part of a canoe trip down the Amazon River, or flying to the Moon with a bunch of zany dogs, and what about chasing a rabbit down a hole? Gifted authors create worlds and experiences which all children can participate in.

Children don’t have to leave home to explore the world. They can be transported to wonderful worlds and have the most amazing adventures all from reading a book.

Shared Experienced

Many children face difficult times in their lives. Their parents might get divorced or they may lose a loved one.

Thankfully there are children’s books which cover many negative events which children face. This helps the reader develop a greater sense that they are not alone. And, that other kids experience similar bad things too.

Sharing an experience with a fictional character is as powerful as sharing it in reality. Remembering these books are created by experts, who can spell out the important steps a child can make to help begin the healing journey.

Imagination Thrives

Regardless of the topic, all books help a child’s imagination to thrive. They can be transported to so many wonderful, new and exciting places. They can discover new realities or be intrigued in the lives of others.

When children fall in love with reading and books they become better equipped to understand their world. Their minds are enriched and empowered, and their hearts connected to the universe in so many ways.



About My Guest – Susan Day

Susan Day is an author of 15 books, educator, and a content marketer. Her blog, Astro’s Adventures Book Club, is full of ideas and tips for grandparents who want to build a strong relationship with their grandchildren. In particular, Susan specializes in helping grandparents share their love of books with their grandchildren. Susan is currently writing a book titled, The Top 10 Things Happy Grandparents Never Regret Doing!

Susan lives in country Australia with four dogs, three boss cats, three rescue guinea pigs, and an errant kangaroo. And, apart from blogging, writing and reading; she loves drinking coffee, painting and learning to box.


**I would like to thank Ms. Susan Day for being a guest blogger on my site!**