Secrets for a Successful Third Year of College

Last Thursday marked the end of my 3rd year of college! This year has been full of amazing ups, very few downs, and wonderful memories! I will definitely say that this year, out of the 3yrs I’ve been in school, has been my best year by far.

During my 3rd year I’ve even learned some valuable lessons that I will always take with me. These lessons have helped me have not only a fun memorable year but also a very successful one! These are lessons that no one really tells you and we have to learn on our own. You can call them secrets and here are my spilled secrets that no one tells you but you learn them anyway!

1. You’ll LEARN how to make friends that are lifetime friends!

Yes, we learn “how to make friends” during elementary, middle, and high school but we don’t “learn.” Lets be honest: How many friends do you still have from elementary/middle/high school? If you can answer this truthfully you may have said less than 2 or none at all. That’s because the friendships have faded away and that’s okay!

When you get to college you learn how to make friends that will last you for the rest of your life! Most likely, the friends in college will be your best friends and possibly the friends that are in your wedding party!

2. We always say failure isn’t an option BUT sometimes we have to accept it!

I had to learn this the hard way a few times and this time was the last time I was going to learn the hard way! We, as people, always say that failure isn’t an option but sometimes we have to accept our failure and keep it moving. I had to drop a class this semester because I knew there was no coming back from that class and it would have KILLED my GPA. I knew it was time to drop the class and accept that.

Let’s be honest…you didn’t fail. You just knew that you had to look after your GPA and whatever sanity you had left!


3. Get more BANG for your BUCK!

Even with a job you are BROKE! You’re going to always need something for this class, food to survive the entire week, and gas which is seriously so overpriced that you may consider buying a bike and peddling everywhere! The important thing is to get as much as you can with as little as possible. Don’t purchase anything if you know you don’t need it and if it’s free it’s better!


4. Have fun & make as many beautiful memories as possible!

Yes we are attending college to get a degree and yes we are there to work so hard that we are sleep deprived but you are also there to step outside of your comfort zone. You step outside of your comfort zone so much that you have no choice but to meet new people. Those people will become some of your greatest friends, like I mentioned in the 1st lesson, or they can become your worst enemy.

The important thing is to have fun and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! You’ll tell your children these stories. The people you create these memories with will be the reason you continue to make memories.

I can say I met 2 of the most wonderful spirits this school year and I have created memories with them that I will tell my children at least a hundred times! I’ve made so many memories that I can’t wait to make more with them this summer when I go on a road trip to visit them.


Again, these are the reasons I had such a wonderful year! I’ve finally met some friends that I can rely on and that I am truly happy with. I couldn’t have been more happier and I already can’t wait for June so we can go on adventures in their city and also August so we can go on adventures that will probably make great books one day!

I never understood what people meant by “College is what you make it” when we are always told to study, study, study but I get it now. You can study and still have time to enjoy school. You’re only an undergraduate once…make the best of it while you can.


“I didn’t know I was having fun in school until I began making memories!”

~Erriel JD 





Throwing 1960s Shade

It’s officially Summer and with summer comes the cute maxi dresses and sassy sandals but here in Texas there is one thing that’s a summer MUST! SHADES!  Warby Parker has some beautiful sunglasses that are 1960s vintage with a modern twist created by a college student. With 49 locations in the United States and 2 locations in Ontario, Canada you can’t be caught with sunglasses that are out of style.

When I first seen this 2017 Summer collection I immediately thought of a 1960s pin-up girl. This collection screams 1960s with the unique shapes and bright colors which is perfect for summer outfits!

Here are my 3 favorite pairs with my outfit recommendations!


F_SU17_12_EMAIL_SUN_Laurel_Clementine_013_OA_COMPF_SU17_15_PROMO_Sun_Clementine_Espresso-Tortoise_006_OA_COMPWith these Espresso Tortoise Clementine shades I see bright red lipstick and a cute simple outfit! When I say simple I mean black and white simple. I even see these shades paired with a simple black summer dress. These shades speak for themselves when they say, “I’m here and in the flesh throwing shade!”

I also see these two pairs of sunglasses going great with a vintage outfit! If you are a pro at using the scarf for vintage hairstyles then you should definitely consider purchasing these glasses to complete your outfit.




These Oak colored Stanton shades can be perfectly paired with a bright yellow or pink top with the bottoms of your choice to create a casual summer outfit. They have a rustic vintage feel that you don’t see in sunglasses but this pair is perfect for this collection.



Now this pair of Jet Black Piper sunglasses with Rose Gold lenses is a MUST & it can go with practically anything! I see these sunglasses being paired with a bright vibrant maxi dress to balance the darkness. They create a mysterious persona about is dark yet sexy!


Here are the other sunglasses that are in the Warby Parker Summer 2017 Collection:



**ALL photos were provided by the Warby Parker store!



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2017 Experience Bucket List

“Materialism is the ONLY form of distraction from true bliss.” ~Douglas Horton

In today’s world we are all about our iPhones, laptops, and anything else money can buy. We are so glued to our materials that we forget to stop and enjoy ourselves. Personally I always find a way to enjoy myself although many people in older generations say that my generation doesn’t know how to enjoy ourselves without the aid of technology.

In this post, I will be sharing my 2017 Experience Bucket List on things I want to experience this year that have NOTHING to do with materialistic things. As a blogger and as a college student with limited funds I believe that there are things we should experience that don’t involve expensive materialistic things that won’t be around for a long time.


o   Now it’s always been my dream to travel and explore the world! Being a broke college student it seems IMPOSSIBLE to actually travel which is why I have created myself a “Travels Jar.” In my jar I save up with the hopes of traveling to a certain destination. My dream locations to travel are Bollywood, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii.


o   I have numerous hobbies and photography is definitely in my top 3. I would definitely love to get back into photography this year because it is so relaxing and I am able to see the world through a stronger lens other than my own.


o   I know what you’re asking: “What exactly is a crawl?” A crawl is almost like hoping from place to place. The term is mostly used as a “bar crawl.” I, on the other hand, want to use the phrase in many different ways. I would like to go on festival crawls, bar crawls, and even food crawls with a few close friends. It feels good to be out doing things just to have fun without sitting in the house and you get to meet new people.


That’s it! That’s my 2017 Experience Bucket List! I want to be able to enjoy my younger years without having to worry about materialistic things. Let’s be honest, the materialistic things won’t be around forever but memories will last FOREVER! This tool can help you plan your own get together’s with friends

Now I want to know how are you going to create new memories and experiences without materialistic things?  Leave a comment below!

21 Things I’ve Learned in 21 Years

On March 25, almost 2 weeks ago, I officially turned 21! I’ve been waiting to post 21 things I’ve learned because it’s hard to think of 21 things you’ve learned that you necessarily didn’t learn in school. After today I can finally say 21 things I’ve learned in 21 years!


1. Take risks even if you’re scared!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I would have not done that things would be different?”

When you take a chance you are taking a risk! It’s ok to take chances because with every risk we take there’s always a lesson whether it’s good or bad.


2. Baby steps are KEY!

I am a semi-fan of change. I like certain changes but other changes I try to stay away from BUT I do believe in taking steps to better myself. You don’t have to take huge steps immediately. Small steps add up to something HUGE!


3. It’s ok to screw up!

I can’t stress this one enough! It’s perfectly fine to screw up because WE DON’T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! I have screwed up many times and for the most part learn from my mistakes! In fact I’m STILL learning from my screw ups but let’s face it our screw ups make the best stories!


4. You are worth it!

No need for an explanation! You are worth it…END OF DISCUSSION!


5. Don’t allow anyone’s opinions to influence you!

For a while I’ve allowed the opinions of others, including my family, to influence my me and my decisions even if I didn’t agree with them but I realized that I am 21 and this is my life and I have to live it! People will always have an opinion on how you should do things or what they think and they don’t matter!


6. You don’t need a large group of friends

I’ve never been the one to have a large group of friends but in college I can say that I can count on both of my hands the number of true friends I really have! It’s not about the quantity of friends you have but it’s about the quality.


7. If someone decides to walk out of you life LET THEM!

If someone threatens to walk out of your life then kindly show them the exit! You can’t force anyone to stay in your life.


8. It’s ok to be SINGLE!

Yes I’m single and ready for Pringles! Being in a relationship is not as important as loving yourself and knowing your self worth. Be single! Go out and turn-up! Go out with your girlfriends/guy friends! Have fun living the single life!


9. Start travelling!

Everyone who knows me knows that if I could be a certified traveler I would in a heart beat! Starting next year I’m going to begin traveling with friends and exploring this world. I’m even in the process of purchasing a passport! Again small steps lead to big things!


10. Always be open to learning

Even though I am a college student I am always up to learning something new! Learning extends farther then a classroom. I can walk outside and see something that catches my eye and want to learn more! Don’t limit yourself to learning just in class!


11. Your entitled to any emotion but don’t let the negative take over

Yes we are entitled to our emotions! We feel them we should be entitled to them but don’t let the negative emotions create a home inside of you. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s ok to be sad, angry, and even ashamed but don’t allow yourself to live there because once you’re there it’s hard to get out. Give those negative emotions an eviction notice and kick them OUT!

12. Always speak your mind

Leave NOTHING unsaid! If you feel the need to say it then say it! Don’t wait until it’s too late.


13. Don’t compare your life to others 

I always compared my life to my friends lives because they always made it seem like their lives were amazing compared to me who’s life seems so boring. Soon I realized that comparing my life to everyone else’s won’t change anything! You don’t know their personal journey and wanting their life means you want their journey and sometimes your life is better than it seems.


14. You heal with time

We all understand pain but the pain I feel is a pain that seemed like it would never go away. What it took me time to realize was that I had to give time time! I didn’t heal overnight. Healing is a process and we just have to learn to flow with time.


15. Be vulnerable!

If you know me you know I strongly dislike the word VULNERABLE! I’m not as open as people think and honestly I’m just now learning to be vulnerable and open up. I’ve shut so many people out because I was feared vulnerability but I’ve learned that people can actually help me when I open up.


16. Dress-up, Show-up, & Show OUT!

The sassy is finally coming out! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t wear well unless you have to be in uniform for whatever reason. Dress-up in whatever makes you feel good, show-up to your destination, and show out! Shut the room down because you’re making heads roll! Show off your confidence!


17. Don’t be afraid to shine

I was always the one person in the shadows of things because I really didn’t want to be in the way but I never understood why. I allowed others steal my shine for so long people wondered if I’d ever shine. Now I shine so bright you need shades on to see me! Don’t allow anyone to put you in the shadows because they want the spotlight. You deserve the spotlight too!


18. Live like everything is a passion

Our passion fuels us! I have many passions, seriously I have a love for many things, and I’ve learned to use my passions to my advantage! Everyday I wake up and go on about my day I do things with a passion. If you love what you do you’ll want to continue doing them even if you’re tired or having a bad day.


19. Laugh!

Laughter is the best medicine I don’t care what anyone says! It may be an old cliche but it’s a true cliche!


20. You don’t have to go out every night/weekend!

Don’t get me wrong I love going out with my friends BUT when does it get old? Yes I am 21 but going out every night or every weekend gets pretty old pretty fast! Sometimes staying in and having a movie night is fun.


21. ALWAYS make time for YOURSELF

The last thing I’ve learned is to take care of ME! Sometimes I get to focused on others that I forget about me and I have to take care of me before I can take care of others!


Now is that all I’ve learned in 21 years? OF COURSE NOT! But these 21 lesson are the most important! These 21 years have been interesting. I’ve had my good and I’ve had my bad but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’ve seen 21 years and I can’t wait to see more! So even though my birthday was 2 weeks ago I must say it: HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!

College Closet Confessions

We all have confessions that are dying to be told but our closets are oozing with confessions as soon as you open the door! So it’s time for me to fess up! Here are my Closet Confessions as a College Student!

  1. I’M MOVING!

Yes you read right! I’m in the process of moving houses so my closet is in total disarray! I’m starting to put my closet into boxes after living in my childhood home for 10 years. Finding clothes at this moment is not easy!


  1. I have 2 Closets!

Now how on earth do I have 2 closets? Well I’m a college junior who still lives in a dorm. Therefore, I have 2 closets FULL of clothes which leads to my 3rd confession.


  1. 2 Closets= NO SPACE

Having two different closets is all fun and games until it’s time to move back home for the summer.  Both of my current closets are the size of a typical closet but trying to mesh together to small closets into one big closet is a task itself! It’s almost like “Closet Wars!” Everything from both closets is fighting to take over! Clothes, shoes, purses, EVERYTHING is fighting for a spot!


  1. I’m Holding on to Things From HIGH SCHOOL!

I graduated high school in 2014 and 3 years later I still have things sitting in my closet from my high school glory days! Any gift I received such as teddy bears and cards are all on my top shelf in my closet! Now I’m trying to make room for my college memories!

5.  My Shoes DOMINATE My Closet! 

You can NEVER have too many shoes  but my shoes dictate my college closet! When I see a pair of shoes in a store that I like I usually buy them because shoes are hard for me to come by because of my shoe size. Can you imagine having almost 4 buckets of shoes to take back home once it’s time to move out?


There you have it! My college Closet Confessions! Now what about you? It’s time to dish it! What are your closet confessions! Leave you CC in a comment below! 


Valentine’s Day Romantic Getaways

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the pressure is on for planning out the perfect holiday to either take your relationship to the next level or to re-ignite the spark that you both fell in love with. What better way to create an everlasting memory than a getaway!


With all of the demands of life, it’s not often that you can spend time away with only each other on your minds. A holiday getaway will allow you to do just that, all while providing a unique experience of it’s own.


Whether you enjoy exploring a romantic city together or watching breath-taking sunsets, check out this list of top Valentine’s Day romantic holidays!


Paris, France


Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, France is a great destination for a Valentine’s Day Getaway.


This picturesque city has much to offer, beginning with the centerpiece of its skyline. The Eiffel Tower is the perfect place for a couple’s photo and what can be more romantic than sharing a kiss underneath the iconic tower!


Many people know the French language as the language of love. This creates the perfect ambiance while exploring the city. During the daytime, you can venture around to some notable locations in the city. Paris is known for their Love Lock Bridge, a place where couples can write their name or a note on a lock and attach it to this bridge to symbolize everlasting love.


Whether you prefer a small-town outdoor café or a classy restaurant, in Paris you can find amazing an amazing dining experience to share with your mate over some of the finest wines that the city has to offer. Not to mention the beautiful nighttime view of the Eiffel Tower.


Paris is a great location for seeing some of the best that Europe has to offer, all while making your Valentine’s Day memorable for years to come!


Montego Bay, Jamaica


Nothing says romantic more than beaches with white sand and pristine waters. To experience all of this and more, the Caribbean is an ideal destination for your getaway, and more specifically Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Jamaica has always been a popular travel destination, but Montego Bay is the perfect place for escape the tourist bustle so you can focus on the most important thing, being a couple.


Montego Bay is home to several hotel resorts with setting the stage for romance being high on their priority list. Deciding the right resort is important to ensure you can experience all of the luxury you deserve as couple, from couple’s massages to dinner on the beach featuring some of the best food that Jamaica has to offer looking out into the vast ocean.


The experience that Montego Bay offers is unmatched anywhere in the world thanks to the hospitality and beautiful weather around Valentine’s Day. Love is always in the air here, as you will often find many other couples escaping the “real world” for this little slice of Caribbean heaven.


Montego Bay has a romantic reputation and if you get the change to experience it for your Valentine’s Day, you will understand exactly why.


Ayia Napa, Cyprus


We all know and love the Greek culture but sometimes the country’s popularity may make it a little too active for your romantic getaway. Well here’s a tip: there’s an island located off the coast of Greece known as Cyprus which gives you the best of both worlds, Greek culture and island culture, making it a great destination for Valentine’s Day!


The Southeastern part of the Cyprus is known as Ayia Napa is a resort location that will provide the best experience for your holiday trip.


If you’re a couple that loves nature, then you’ll fall in love with Cyprus just as much as Cyprus will make both of you fall deeper in love. Ayia Napa offers the best beaches on the island, and if you’re lucky you may stumble across a private beach to enjoy some time alone. After seeing the view from sea level, prepare to have your breath taken away by hiking through the forested mountains to reach clearings that will reveal views of the entire island, the beaches and more!


Because it is heavily influenced by Greek culture, the dining experience is world-class.


Ayia Napa may be one of the hidden gems for your Valentine’s Day getaway but one look at the beautiful island and it may become your Valentine’s Day tradition.


Cebu, Philippines


There’s a reason why so many Asian romance movies are filmed in the Philippines. If you find yourself on this side of the world, Cebu, Philippines will be one of the top choices for the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway.


Cebu is home to countless resorts, offering an experience like none other. Clear water, perfect weather, and a beautiful culture, the Philippines will provide an amazing backdrop to your romantic experience. A unique feature to many of their resorts are huts that stretch out into the water to place you right in the middle of the beautiful ocean and at the same time, giving you privacy with your own space.


The Philippines is known for their underwater life that is great to experience with the numerous water activities such as boat tours and snorkeling provided around the island.


Being a popular travel destination, you can plan out a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants, which will get you a taste at some amazing Filipino dishes.


To close out each day, you have the opportunity to see the best sunsets imaginable in the Philippines.


Cebu, Philippines offers a one-of-a-kind resort experience for a Valentine’s Day getaway that provides the perfect setting for romance.


Maui, Hawaii


For romantic getaways, we often think about islands as being the perfect escape because of their isolation and often the only company we have is whom we arrived with.


This is why one of the most talked about islands, Hawaii, is the perfect Valentine’s Days destination!


Across all the Hawaiian Islands, you can get a tailored experience to match your level of romance. As hospitality is an important factor to ensure a great romantic holiday, you can find many five-star experiences in Maui, from hotels and resorts, to restaurants, to beaches.


Visiting Hawaii as a couple will isolate you from the outside world and bring you into a world of beauty. Maui provides everything from great service in many establishments to amazing beaches.


As a popular romantic destination for couples, you can find many tourism services specifically catered to couples that will handpick the best experiences to partake on as a couple including horse riding on the beach, water activities, an even more intimate experiences including dining and pampering.


Maui is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day getaway because it is one of those places where depending on your mood, you can relax as much as you want or be as active as you’d like.

***I would love to thank Bryan Shelmon for being a guest blogger for our 14 Days of Love! Please visit his website at Anthem Culture

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas



For those of us in love, Valentine’s Day is a haven of chocolate, boozy gestures and pink fluffy everything! But the older we get, the more Valentine’s Day becomes a chore to be avoided and degraded at all costs.

Whether you’re new to the dating scene, or fell in love many moons ago, we could all use a little helping jazzing up our love lives this February, so I thought I’d share some unique yet romantic Valentine’s Day tricks and trips to do with your loved one.

  1. Plan a romantic indoor picnic.

Clear the furniture from the centre of the room, put on a fun film, roll out an old picnic blanket and stock up on your favourite finger food. Whether your partner is into humus and celery, or pizza bites and chips, indulge in a little stay-at-home date in the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home. This is the perfect date for those on a budget, those struggling to make a reservation or simply those who are a little too socially awkward for anything posh.

  1. Book a one day holiday

For those who need to stay a little closer to home this Valentine’s Day, why not book a little stay-cation in your own city? Book a posh hotel room for just the one day, or the one night, and spend the day indulging in all the amenities they have to offer. Spend an hour or two in the bar, splash out on room service, and snuggle up under a luxury duvet just for you.

  1. Go on a Ghost Tour

What better way to celebrate your love than by scaring the living daylights out of yourselves of a spooky city ghost tour. It may not be the most romantic of adventures, but it can certainly involve a lot of hand holding, frightened arm clutching and reassuring screams as you stroll around the haunted streets of your local town. Test each other’s nerve and bravery for the night…and then quickly head to the nearest pub once it’s finished.

  1. Organise a Group Date

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a solitary event – why not rope a few of your coupled up buddies into an activity filled day out or a movie marathon for the evening? Alternatively, if Valentine’s Day just isn’t your thing, why not hate on it in good company? Host an Anti V-Day party with broken hearts and not a drop of pink in sight, to celebrate your disdain for the holiday together.

  1. Meet up for a second first date

Perfect for long-term couples, this date gives you the chance to re-discover your partner for the person they’ve become since they started seeing you. Meet at the restaurant, from separate locations, introduce yourselves and get to know the person sat across from you. Discuss work, family, TV…anything to find out a little more about them, as even if you already know most of the answers, this is a great way to see your boyfriend or girlfriend in the present, rather than the past.

  1. Go to a Karaoke Bar

Karaoke Bars are great fun for Valentine’s Day, whether you join in the singing or not. Even just going to watch can provide you with hours of entertainment, and perhaps …after a few drinks, if one of you decides to belt out a classic, your partner will always be on hand to post the video on Facebook afterwards!

  1. Play Valentine’s Day Lucky Dip

This one requires you to get a little bit more creative! Think up a creative selection of activities, tasks and rules to implement for every hour of the day. They can range from giving the other person a massage, to cooking a nice dinner, to playing your favourite board game! Pile them altogether in a box, and pull them out randomly throughout the day to decide your schedule of activities for your Valentine’s Day!

  1. Watch an old romantic movie

Nothing will ever be as romantic as the classic Hollywood era of movies. Find a cinema showing one of your favourites and book two tickets for the day. Lose yourself in love of history and of old fashioned cinema and immerse yourself in the adventure.

  1. Organise a Photoshoot

Take your partner on a surprise trip to a professional photography studio, and get some timeless snaps of the two of you looking your absolute best. Even take a few silly ones with props, or with your favourite pet and frame them in your home – to remind you of that special day.

  1. Visit a luxury spa

Hide away from the cold bite of the February weather in a luxury spa for the day. Wrap up in seaweed, book some relaxing massages and take a dip in the Jacuzzi with a few glasses of bubbly. Let the stresses and pressures of Valentine’s Day just drift away, and enjoy your pamper session together.


Valentine’s Day can be anything you make it, so I hope these suggestions have helped you come up with an idea to make your holiday as special and romantic as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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