About EJLC Blog

         I started this blog my first semester of college because I wanted my voice to be heard by not only friends and family but my many people in the world about my personal life, my education and my fashion sense (style). The decision to blog came about because: 1) my life is almost like a reality show; there’s ALWAYS something occurring. 2) I know there are many people, of all ages, believe that college is supposed to be all “peaches and cream” but really it isn’t. 3) Also many believe that thick chicks (I’m a size 12) can’t have fashion sense because we have troubles finding clothes and that’s NOT how it works!

This blog is not only my hobby but it is almost like a full-time job along with being a college student. I would love to make a name for myself in the world by blogging because by blogging my voice is being heard and one day I know someone will hear and understand my voice.

Erriel J’s Life Chronicles Blog Disclosure:

  • I make NO money from this blog because this blog is a hobby for me at this moment.
  • ALL outfits I post on this blog are my own! I may use photo’s of other outfits for inspiration BUT the outfits are my own.
  • ANYTHING that occurs in my life is told from MY POINT OF VIEW unless I have someone else post on my behalf as a guest blogger which will be rare.
  • All opinions I give on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise.

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