About Me

Kimono outfit 1

Hey ya’ll & welcome to Erriel J’s Life Chronicles!

I am Erriel J (yours truly) but I am also known as CODE ARIESSTA! I am a thick chick from deep in the heart of Texas with a passion for life, fashion, education & food.

Life is like a game of cards: once your play your card you can’t pick it back up again. I’ve played my Card Game of Life since 1996 & will continue to play my hand until time is up.

I adore ALL clothing with beautiful colors, fun patterns, cute accessories & a bad pair of shoes but being a thick chick is often times tough because clothes in a size 12 are difficult to find.

I am as lifelong student and continue to learn new information each and everyday. Without education I would be like a butterfly with no wings because nothing would make sense in the world and I wouldn’t be able to fly.

My blog is my escape from the outside and my entry to a whole new world. This blog is my way of expressing myself and just sharing my world with the rest of the world in a positive way. I just hope ya’ll enjoy my life, my style, education journey, myself and most importantly…my blog!


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