UK Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Uh, hello?  Who stole January?  I’m sure I was only just dusting off my Christmas decorations, but now here we are, well and truly settled into 2017 already thinking about the next event – Valentine’s Day!

Saint Valentine’s Day strikes again on the 14th February and you may be panicking about a gift for your other half this year.  Sure, flowers and chocolates are great ideas and always welcome, but here are a few alternative ideas for you.



Everyone loves a cushion right?  I’m also sure there’s no limit on how many is too many.  I love the personalized initials cushion – it would look great on a bed.  The pug cushion is also great fun if your partner is obsessed with pugs!

Breakfast in bed

Treat your other half to breakfast in bed served on a tray with a rose in a vase.  Is there anything more romantic?  Yes there is – heart shaped eggs!  Get an egg mould and surprise them heart shaped eggs on toast!

Personalised jewellery

Stacking rings are very ‘in’ right now and these personalised initial ones make a super cute gift for her.  She’ll really love you for it, promise.

Typography card

Forget the soppy teddy bear poem heart cards and go for a cool contemporary typography card instead.  They’ll look great on the mantelpiece and you can write your own soppy made up poem inside instead!

Love lamp

There’s loads of personalised lights out there nowadays.  You can get your initials or name, or this great LOVE light.

What’s your favourite gift for Valentine’s Day?


**I would love to thank Professional Blogger Victoria from Lylia Rose for being a guest blogger for my 14 Days of Love! Please check out the link above!**



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