Valentine’s Day Around the World in 14 Minutes

It’s officially February 1st which means there are 13 days until Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day isn’t just a US holiday though! Many countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s day and in a different way of course. Let’s see how other countries celebrate the Day of Love!


  1. South Korea 

    whiteday8South Korea indulges in Valentine’s day completely different from the US. Valentine’s Day is commonly celebrated amongst younger couples but there’s a catch. Valentine’s Day is the day where women treat their man by showering him with gifts such as candy, flowers, and other couple like activities.

The script gets flipped on March 14. White Day is another variation of Valentine’s                  day celebrated in South Korea. On White Day men treat their women but the stakes                are higher and lets face it the gifts are bigger and better!

The last variation of Valentine’s Day is called Black Day which occurs on April 14! If                you are single then this day is made special for you! This is the day anyone single                    treats themselves wit dark bowls of jajangmyeon and their favorite junk food but hey            might as well buy yourself something nice too!


2. Philippines 


                “I Do” are the most common words spoken in the Philippine’s on Valentine’s Day.                  Similar to many Western countries many couples tie the knot or renew their vows                  on the special day. For many years the Philippine’s has been recognized for                              having mass ceremonies in locations such as malls and parks.

3. England 


              Just like children await for  Santa Claus in the US during Christmas the children of                England await the arrival of Jack Valentine! Now who’s Jack Valentine you ask? Jack                Valentine is the “Santa Claus” of Valentine’s Day! Children wait for the moment                    they can open their front doors to find small gifts from the Old Father of                                    Valentine’s Day well at least in Norfolk! Now don’t you wish we had a Jack                                Valentine?

4. Wales 


You won’t find anyone in Wales celebrating Cupid! The Welsh celebrate Saint Dwynwen on January 25 instead of February 14. The traditional romantic gift is a love spoon which is carved with beautiful designs. Today you can possibly purchase one but it’s better if it’s made by the man you love.

Today the love spoon can be used as party favors, wedding invitations or favors, or birth announcements!

I think I have dibs on ALL of these countries for Valentine’s Day! Where are you from & how do you celebrate Valentine’s day??


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