Remembering Sharva Sanders & the Other Angels 1 Year Later

December 26, 2015 may be just the day after Christmas for most people but for a few families December 26, 2015 is a day they will never forget!

Garland, Texas on Interstate 30 & President George Bush Turnpike is the place where 9 people took their final breathes as the EF-4 tornado touched down. 9 innocent lives were lost leaving 8 families heartbroken, grieving, and remembering.

1 year ago today, I created a post titled “An Angel too Soon”  for my cousin Sharva Sanders who was one of the 9. Although it has officially been a year it’s still hard to believe. I have had a hard time accepting the fact that she is no longer physically here with us along with many others. There are days I see something and think of her or see a memory of her on Facebook that makes me laugh. I miss her spirit although I can feel it on some days. I miss her bubbly champagne personality and how not even the worst people could burst her bubbles!

It’s funny how I now have a friend who’s first name is Sharva’s middle name. Makes me think she sent her to me for a reason and for that I thank her! I heard your voice last night and you told me, “everything is going to be ok.” Now that I’ve heard it I know that everything will be fine and I can now go see where you drew your last breathe that faithful day one year ago.

We miss Sharva! I know if any of use could bring her back we would do it in a heartbeat! It’s been a tough year without you here and although the pain will always be there it gets a tad bit easier just knowing that you are safe. I know the other families feel the same

We remember the Garland 9. The 9 who lost their lives unexpectedly. The 9 who’s spirits still roam this land. The 9 who are gone but will NEVER be forgotten!



“We Remember the Garland 9!” 

~Sharva Sanders

~Petra Ruiz

~Cecil Lowrie

~Jose Juarez

~Kamryn Crain

~Kimberly Tippet

~Leo Mota

~Timothy Harris 

~LaShondra Whitaker 

Remember the Garland 9

(A Poem of Remembrance)

The pain I face
from day to day
Is a pain that won’t
seem to fade away

I look up to the Heavens who do I see?

I see 9 beautiful angels starring back at me!

We remember Sharva whose personality sparkled brighter than sparkling wine

Petra who enjoyed the simple things in life.

The Number 55 for Cecil and his wife

on the anniversary of their first date.

Talented men Leo & Jose

Who worked hard until the very end.

LaShondra the lifesaver and her family’s dispatcher Bunny!

Timothy, the family man who lived by faith.

The fun loving medical assistant, Kimberly, who always had a smile on her face.

And then the tiniest of them all 1yr old Kamryn

Who went to Heaven with mommy on that faithful day.

December 26th, 2015-the day we will NEVER forget!

9 lives were taken in the Twister of Fait.

Their lively spirits still roam the land

Gracing us with their presence and blessing us day by day!

We remember the Garland 9.

The 9 whose lives were cut tragically short without a second thought.

The 9 who left families brokenhearted.

The 9 Angels who gained at the Gates of Heaven.

The 9 who are gone but will NEVER be forgotten.

We remember the Garland 9!

~By: Erriel JD


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