‘Twas the Night Before Christmas~ Bloggers Edition

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the web

Not a blogger was typing in his or her bed.

The holiday clothes were all neat and pressed

In hopes that old St. Nick would soon be impressed;

Our blogger babies were all tucked in their beds;

While free giveaway items danced in their heads;

Not a stuffer was left unreviewd

For mamma is a blogger so what else is new?

All of a sudden from the snowy rooftop

The patter of hoofs then suddenly came to a stop!

Freya and Isaiah got up on their feet

They threw on their robes and skipped to their own beat

With lightening speed they slowly peeped through the shutters

“Wow! Could this be?” they immediately uttered.

Within a matter of seconds something appeared

A huge sleigh and 8 perfectly accessorized reindeer.

“Let’s go Melody, Sadie, Katie, and Brady!

Oh, Mallory, Waverly, Kimberly, and Avery!”

The big man was dressed in a sparkling ruby red coat

Maybe all us bloggers should get ready to take some notes!

He stepped from his sleigh and man what a beautiful sight

With his beard and mustache all curly and sparkling white!

As he slid down the chimney the blogger babies shot up

They were so astonished they couldn’t even sip from their customized cups.

He filled their DIY  stockings with presents to review

It’s something the kids were thrilled to look into!

Suddenly tiny footsteps ran straight forward

And soon the Big Guy was cornered.

“Is it true? Are you real?” whispered small Freya.

“He can’t be! We’re dreaming!” suggested Isaiah.

“Am I real you ask? What do you believe?”

He flashed a smile and tipped his warm fuzzy hat before he decided to leave.

Up the chimney and to his sleigh he went

Hopeful he would make the next bogging event

As he drifted into the sky St.Nick looked out


Image result for christmas stockings fireplace clipart


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