Best Gift List Apps

With the holidays quickly approaching some of us, myself included, are behind on gift shopping! Some of us don’t know what we are buying or we don’t know what our budget is exactly BUT I am here to tell you that that is all over! With the help of technology and a thing called APPS there is a solution to determining what you are buying this holiday season.

Here are my 2 favorite gift listing apps that helped me this holiday season…


  1. Santa’s Bag

Image result for santa's bag app

Santa’s Bag is an organized app that allows you to not only create a budget for ALL of the gifts you plan on purchasing but it allows you to budget per person, list the gift(s) you plan on purchasing for  for each person, what store you can purchase the gift from, and how much you have left within you budget!

This app is an organizers dream app! Santa’s bag is the perfect visual for those who love to make lists, such as grocery lists, to prevent forgetting about someone such as that co-worker who is always eyeballing you for no good reason. I highly recommend this app for gift planning and shopping for all of the above reasons and then some!

2. Holiday Planner Lite

Image result for holiday planner lite app

Now this app goes above and beyond budget planning! If you are someone who travels during the holiday season then this app is most definitely for you!

The Holiday Planner Lite app allows you to create a budget for gift giving but it is great for budgeting your travels down to the cost of the flight, hotel, food, and activities. You can keep track of how much you spend in each category (i.e transportation) and how much you have left.

I recommend this app for those who are big on traveling. I know for a fact that going over budget while traveling is common because we often don’t set a budget for when we are going on vacation especially during the holidays.


With these two apps you can budget your entire holiday without going over budget or going overboard! There’s apps give you a clear expectation on what you will be spending this holiday season. So if you haven’t already, go to your app store and download one or both of the apps listed about and get budgeting for the holidays!

Check out this cute graphic from Personal Capital on some of the best apps for managing your holiday shopping!!



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