Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

With Christmas only a few days away there are still a few of us who still need to get gifts for our loved ones on our list but with a tight budget it may seem impossible to find everything you are trying to purchase. Thankfully, there are great gifts you can find, or make, that can be within budget and won’t bust your bank!

Here are my 4 Christmas gifts you can buy or make for your loved ones this holiday season:


  • Customized T-Shirt
    • We all know that one friend or family member who is crafty and it seems like they can make just about anything! A customized t-shirt can take you a long way. Making a customized t-shirt with iron on appliques and the shirt of your choice is not only super easy but it costs less than $20 depending on where you purchase your supplies.
  • Christmas Tree Ornament 
    • A Christmas Tree ornament is not only cute but it can also be personal. You can create a Christmas ornament for just about any occasion including “Baby’s 1st Christmas”, “1st Christmas in  our New Home”, and a family ornament. You can either purchase all of the items to make the ornament or you can find someone who makes them for a really low price.
  • Team or Character Blanket
    • Now this gift idea is super easy if you know how to make a fringe blanket and if you have the patience. If you know your loved ones favorite character or favorite sports team then you are all set! All you have to do is purchase the fabric, which can cost you about $25 give or take and put it together!
  • Photo Clock
    • Another personal gift that can last a lifetime! All you have to do is transform a boring clock into a photo clock with personal photo’s and some modge podge.


A Christmas gift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. Sometimes a simple do it yourself gift can go so far and mean so much to someone.


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