Sssshhhhhh…IT’S A SECRET!

The holidays is the most wonderful time of the year except it’s time for the annual Office Secret Santa. Now shopping for some of your co-workers or friends may be difficult depending on their style and taste but that’s all about to change.

Here are my 3 Secret Santa gift ideas that ANYONE will love and appreciate!


  1. A Visa Gift Card

This has to be the most easiest Secret Santa gift ever! If you have a $15 limit you can easily go purchase a loaded Visa Gift card so the receiver can activate it and purchase whatever they want with the card! No harm no foul!


2. Gift Cards


If you pay close attention to your Secret Santa recipient you may notice that they shop at a specific store or eat at a specific restaurant. If you take that into consideration then you can easily go and purchase a gift card. Just load some money, put a bow on it, and give it to the receiver!

3. Their Favorite Treats

Again you can’t go wrong with buying the person’s favorite treats whether it’s chocolate chip cookies and Sprite or a their favorite sandwich and chips! It shows them that you truly pay attention and they have something to munch on.


Now if your are still struggling with finding a Secret Santa gift then there are obviously more ideas! But these are my go to gift ideas for Secret Santa giving.



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