Welcome to Blogmas!



It’s officially December 01! That means I can finally listen to the best Christmas songs, watch the best Christmas movies, and enjoy some much needed time away from school! Of course I LOVE Christmas so I have to participate in Blogmas!

Now if you don’t know what Blogmas is it’s a blogging challenge where you create festive holiday posts up until December 25th which is also known as Christmas day. The posts can be about anything from Christmas traditions to holiday party outfits. If it’s festive it’s made for Blogmas!

This Blogmas I will be posting 3-4 times a week about various things and I can’t wait for you all to see. This will be my 1st Blogmas so I’m excited. I will also tweet the link to posts along with Snapchat & Instagram so no one will miss out!

So-WELCOME TO BLOGMAS! Check back tomorrow to see my “Christmas Wishlist.” And check back every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the rest of the month to see my Blogmas posts! I hope you all enjoy and find cheer this Blogmas!


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