Character’s Halloween 2016

Halloween…the time of year where you can be anything or anyone you want without being judged. You can be something gruesome such as a  Walker or go for something more classic such as a Disney Character.

Let’s be honest, once you reach a certain age dressing up doesn’t seem fun anymore but I beg to differ. It’s one day out of the year you get to be a kid again. I love dressing up for Halloween although I haven’t done so in a few years but this year I got the chance to dress up twice!

At my university we have an event every year called Boo at the U where organizations get together and do something for the community. Boo at the U is an opportunity to trunk-or-treat, go through the haunted house, meet firemen, and so much more. This year my organization, Student Council for Exceptional Children, got together and participated in trunk-or-treat where our truck them was Cookie Monster!

Now I must admit I didn’t wear an actual Cookie Monster Costume but I was his favorite treat…a giant COOKIE! For this outfit I simply wore a Cookie Monster blue top with jeans and tan boots.

20161020_181052-1For the giant chocolate chip cookie the following items were used:

  • Cardboard Box  Pieces
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Now all you do is cute the cardboard piece into whatever circular shape you please, cut out chocolate chips from the black construction paper, and finally just glue them on and allow it to dry. Tada! You have a chocolate chip cookie that Cookie Monster himself would be proud to eat!

For my second costume I went for a storybook character that almost everyone knows. She walked through the woods to visit her grandma and met a wolf instead. If you haven’t already guessed I was Little Red Riding Hood! This specific costume was for Storybook Dress-up Day at work  so I celebrated Halloween early.

For my Little Red Riding Hood costume I had to add a few more pieces but for the most part I had everything I needed!

I previously purchased a Black Dress from Rue 21 which was perfect for this costume! I also had the flats, accessories, basket, and a white pillowcase (yes I said pillowcase) handy. The only thing I purchased were my fishnet tights which were $5 at Walmart and my apron which was also purchased from Walmart was $9. I purchased my cape at Halloween Spirit for $16.16.

Put it all together and you have your favorite Little Red Riding Hood!

Let’s just say this Halloween was full of fun characters! Even though Halloween fell on a Monday this year, which seriously killed the mood, I made it enjoyable for myself. Now for next years Halloween I already have an idea of what I want to dress-up as but am I going to tell you all now? OF COURSE NOT! You’ll just have to wait and see…(BOO)!


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