Summer Styling: From Summer Heat to Arctic Air

Everyone knows summer temperatures can be the worst depending on where you live. Here Deep in the Heart of Texas summer temperatures can reach as high as 110 degrees. Now as far as the real feel you would think you are a chicken in a rotisserie!

Can you imagine dressing appropriately for work? Going from the scorching summer heat to an arctic cold office? Well let me tell you it’s not the easiest thing in the world. I am here to give you some much needed tips on how you can still dress professionally, for both men and women, while battling the summer heat and while working in an ice cold office.

  1. BLACK is a NO! LIGHT Colors are a GO!

Although black is professional and slimming it is NOT a color you would want to wear during the summer outside! Black slacks and skirts are fine but let’s avoid black tops and wearing ALL black.

The color black absorbs lights and that light is converted into heat. This means you will be hot outside and if it’s hot enough you will begin to sweat and once inside you will freeze.

If you can avoid wearing black then you must do so. During the summer try wearing lighter colors such as white, yellow, and baby blue since they don’t absorb as much heat.


2. LESS is MORE!

When I say less is more I’m not saying show up to work in your swimsuit! I’m saying the less clothing you have on your body the better!

During the winter layers are recommended to stay warm but in the summer layering is NOT such a great idea! It my seem like a great idea once you get inside to your cold office but once you go outside once again it all backfires. Some outfits require you to layer and that’s ok but don’t over do it.

For women a cute skirt and a short sleeve blouse can do the trick. With a short sleeve blouse and a skirt you can easily manage the summer heat and professional in your cold office.

For men it’s a little more tricky because a suit and tie is considered the standard for professional men but during the summer it’s not always the best choice.  Men should stick with light weight dress pants and dress shoes. There are also different options of men’s underwear
that are designed to keep young professionals comfy and cool under their light weight dress clothes. As far as your top a mid-sleeve button down will be perfect! Your arms aren’t completely covered so you aren’t too hot and you wont be too cold in your office.

There are also different options of men’s underwear that are designed to keep young professionals comfy and cool under their light weight dress clothes.


I understand that it may be ice cold inside but it’s 110 degrees outside! You will not need your thick winter coat. If you easily become cold once you transition from the heat outside to the cold air inside carry around a lightweight jacket.

Wearing a  cardigan that matches your outfit will be perfect to stay warm inside the cold office. Once you leave your office to head to lunch or to head home you can easily remove your cardigan without instantly breaking a sweat.


4. Stay SHADED!

I may not be a hat person but during the summer it’s much needed! Men and women can do wonders with a nice hat! It not only a great sun blocker but it also keeps you a tad bit cooler.

You can always remove your hat when you reach your office.



Last but not least…just keep it simple! Style is important but sometimes keeping it simple is key inside and out!


Here is my style board on how you can dress during the summer as you transition from the summer heat to your arctic office!





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