In the Heat of the Moment








Whether we were ready or not the summer heat has made it’s grand entrance! I don’t know about any other state but the state of Texas is HOT! Not only are the people HOT but the temperatures are even HOTTER!

I live in Fort Worth, Texas and on this particular day it was 98 degrees out but the real feel was 110 degrees so yes it was pretty toasty out. My rule of thumb in the Texas Heat is “the less you have on the better you are.” So in other words, the less you have on your body you’ll be better off! This includes hair and shoes as well.

My dress was PERFECT for a day Downtown with a wonderful friend of mine! This Hanky Dress from Rue 21 was perfect for catching breeze, I caught too much of a breeze,  once the wind picked up and was sleeveless which gives you free arm movement but it’s also one less part of the outfit you don’t have to worry about. It also highlights curves which is always wonderful!  My knee high gladiator sandals tied the summer outfit together giving my feet air to breathe. Sorry I don’t have any details on my shoes because they were a Christmas gift.

I never turn down a cute dress especially if it can be worn during the summer to survive the heat! This dress is currently priced at $16.99 in stores and on-line and it is worth the purchase!

Check out my tips on Surviving the Summer Heat which is coming soon!












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