Rock Your Natural

Natural Hair

What better way to rock your hair than to rock your natural hair pattern??

So here’s the backstory about how I went natural:

Years ago, I was a sophomore in high school, and I went to get my hair done. I was talking to my then hairstylist about what I wanted done to my hair and she suggested that I not get a perm. So with great hesitation I agreed to not get a perm and after I haven’t had a drop of perm on my head since 2012!

Now fast forward to 4 years later and ALL of the perm chemicals have grown out and I now have a cute curly water wave hair pattern!

So this specific day I had taken my braids down and decided to wear my natural for a few days because wanted my hair to breathe before I flat ironed my hair a few days later. All I did was wash and apply Motions leave-in conditioner!

So the reason I am wanting to share this:

People will always give you a reason, or many reasons, why you shouldn’t be natural and why you should get perms. You’ll hear:

  1. You’ll prettier
  2. You’ll be able to able to maintain your hair.
  3. People will accept you if you have the “right hair.”

The list can go on and on! But I can say that they’re wrong. Rocking your natural hair is such an amazing feeling! You’re free of chemicals which means less chemical burns. For me I felt free of the beauty standard that African American women have to get perms to be beautiful. Now I’m not saying any woman who gets perms isn’t beautiful because we are ALL beautiful but I feel free of the stereotype!

So if you are natural keep up the great work! It’s so worth the time to maintain your natural hair and it’s so rewarding in the end! Just know that your NATURAL ROCKS & you can ROCK YOUR NATURAL!


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