Welcoming June & Updates!

Hello everyone & can we also say WELCOME JUNE 2016! Holy Cookie Monster we’ve made it halfway through the year 2016! Can ya’ll believe it?

Now I know I’ve been a ghost since March but I realized I needed a break from EVERYTHING! After loosing my cousin Sharva in December 2015 (refer to the blog post “An Angel too Soon if you don’t know the story please) and with the stress of college I had to take some time away from blogging and gather myself.

Good thing is it worked!

I continued seeing my councilor at my school which helped a GREAT deal. I also started doing things that I did before such as scrapbooking and realized that art is very soothing to me which made me join an expressive arts group.

During my break I also finished my 4th semester and will be going into my 3rd year of college as a junior Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Education with Core Subjects EC-6) Major with grades that would make you NOT SING BUT sang! Now I am enjoying my summer vacation until August rolls back around.

Ya’ll let me just say that the break did me well! I feel like I can come back and be a better blogger! Now I know I am a Lifestyle (my personal life) & Style blogger but sometimes you have to shut it down, unless it’s for homework, and just say I need time. I can say I took advantage of my time and now I can come back to my blog an be a better blogger for not only myself but for you all. And also I came back for you all and because my cousin of all people LOVED my blog so I have to continue to make her proud!

Outfit of the Day posts will be returning in approximately 2 WEEKS so keep an eye out for those posts through Twitter & Instagram (@EJLChronicles). I will also be using Facebook more and would LOVE for you all to like my page (Erriel J’s Life Chronicle’s). I would LOVE to do a video chat with ya’ll so we can get to know each other better and spread some positivity. And I will hopefully be hosting more Twitter chats so if you want to be apart of the conversation follow me on Twitter. I’m also back on Snapchat so if you’re on snap you can follow me (@ErrielJAriessta) and you can see some of my recorded foolishness haha!

I’m so glad to be back and can’t wait to share more things with you! I love you all and have a wonderful night!


Hugs & kisses,

Erriel JD


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