Jazzy Red Hair Color

Jazzy Redhead


Well I must say WELCOME to the month of March! One very special even occurs this month…MY BIRTHDAY! Because I will be turning 20 (yes 20!) I wanted to try something new and what better way to try something new than to change my hair color?

I’ve been wanting to go red for a while and I’ve finally done so! My hair color is a mix of Burgundy Red & Cherry Cola Red so it can better appear on my naturally dark brown hair. I am also lucky for a hairstylist who can work miracles on natural hair! Everyone I know has great difficulty working with natural hair so I have to go on a “natural hair slayer” hunt for someone who can put my natural curls to rest for a while!

Now to todays look…

Today was quite simple, as you all can tell, but jazzy. You all have seen my camo top that I purchased from Wet Seal. I’m rockin’ the NYC Color Rockaway Ruby (#500). The sunlight is hitting at the PERFECT angle to showcase my hair color and light hazel eyes. Thank to Mother Natures lovely sunlight it tied it all together and gave me a jazzy look which is matching my personality if I must say!

What should my next hair color be? Head on over to my Twitter and VOTE NOW! New color to come in a few months!


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