Be BOLD in Autumn




It finally feels like Fall Season! The leaves and hit the ground, the wind cold breathe whistles and of course the temperature has finally dropped low enough here in Texas to wear a coat!

Today’s look was all about being BOLD in Autumn! The black ripped jeans & the red lip gloss in this outfit is what tied the BOLDness of this outfit together while the cute jean-like top added a cute vintage touch. Gold jewelry was added to make the outfit pop instead of using silver which would have easily blended in with everything.

Although the weather was in the 50s and the wind had picked up carrying the chilly wind across the land I still went bold today because wearing what you are comfortable and confident in means taking risks and wearing things that aren’t usually worn around certain times of year. It may have been chilly but I walked my college campus with the upmost confidence which is always not only gorgeous but I also knew I was FLAWLESS!

Details on my outfit are as followed:

Light Jean-Like Tops: TJ Maxx $(19.99)

Black Ripped Jeans: New York & Co. (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)

Gray Boots: DSW Shoes

ALL Gold Accessories: Wet Seal ($12 total)




IMG_2825_wm (1)



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