Spring 2016 Semester Kick-Off Week

The Spring 2016 semester has started and the first week has came and went. My semester began on Tuesday January 19, 2016 bright and early at 7 o’clock in the morning to be ready for Earth Science at 8 o’clock.

Following that would be my Learners with Exceptionalities which ended at 12:20 in the afternoon and was also my last class for the day. But that didn’t mean anything because I was still on my toes searching for books and printing out papers. I also had to look over things for my online class.

Can you say…TIRED! But with 18 credit hours this semester (6 classes) I can’t rest! I will ALWAYS be on my toes! My outfits are still on point but I have to stay on my game so I can see all A’s & get to next semester with ZERO problems.



Snapchat-5331629243631118921_wm (1)



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