A Special NICU Delivery

Although my family is going through a tough time I still want to post this and tell ya’ll about my experience.

At the beginning of December I had decided that I would make blankets for Cook Children’s Medical Centers Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Many people who don’t know me know that I have special memories within the NICU because of my brother  who was a micro preemie.

To me giving back to the community is something I take pride in which is why I volunteered at the hospital for 2 years while in high school. I make plans on returning in April.

Knowing what I know about the NICU I know that around the holidays many of the babies don’t get to go home for the holidays because they are sick or even severally sick. So what better way to give to the babies and their families than to give them something, that is completely germ free and safe for the baby, that they can keep for a lifetime?

Now purchasing and making the blankets was the most challenging part of this whole experience! It’s more difficult to purchase fabric for baby boy blankets when there aren’t many fabric pattern choices whereas for a baby girl there are thousands of options! The cutting was easy but it bruised my thumb and my fingers were almost tied together from tying the fringes together but I knew that in the end that it would all be worth it when I made my delivery.

Because it is RSV season I wasn’t going to be allowed back into the NICU so I had to drop them off at the front desk and specify that I was giving to the NICU. I am just so glad I did it, even if I didn’t get the chance to make 71 blankets, and glad to know that I’d be putting smiles on 20 families faces.

I can honestly say if there’s anything I want to teach my children in the future it’s that giving warms your heart and that it’s okay to give back to others that you don’t know. It’s okay to give back and volunteer WITHOUT monetary payments! Giving is going to make you feel so good you’ll want to continue doing so.



“Don’t give to get. Give to inspire others to give”



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