Glambassador~A Bloggers New World of Opportunity



Are you a blogger? A Vlogger? Or do you blog through social media sites? Well I believe this new website is for you!

A couple of weeks ago the founder of Glambassador’s reached out to me via email. He had viewed my Instagram & thought Glambassador’s could be a great site for me.  So after looking into it & asking questions I signed myself up because it is a wonderful opportunity.

Now Glambassador is a forming site that allows bloggers (referred to as Influencers on Glambassador’s) to connect with Brands (ex: online stores, etc) and work together to create a strong bond and increase traffic to any product. The website hasn’t launched yet but it has already created a buzz throughout the blogging world nationwide! Everyone, myself included, is anxious for the launch of the website which will be launched the 3rd week of January 2016.

**For more information or for question head on over to Glambassador website! Thank you & Happy Holidays**



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