Meeting Mr.Mann


Tonight my sister performed but after her performance we ran into an interesting person…we ran into Mr . David Mann but most of us know him from Tyler Perry’s movies & plays as Mr.Brown.
Tonight he was at the game to watch his nephew play & let me tell ya’ll he is literally the most humble, soft spoken, funniest man I’ve ever met! At first I thought I was seeing things. I made circles and everything to make sure haha. I knew wasn’t seeing things when my dad called out, “MR.BROWN!”
After my sister came back my sister, her friends & I went to are he was to meet him. Now of course they came up with a plan  (that changed at the last minute) so it wouldn’t look like we were bombarding him luckily that’s not what we were doing. All he asked us to do was wait until after the 4th quarter and he would take a picture with us and he kept his promise and took a picture with us.
I love how he doesn’t act like “a celebrity” but he’s himself. You don’t find many well-known people who are themselves.
If I could spend one day with him & his family I know I would feel like I’m with family! It was so nice to meet Mr.Mann!


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