“Saturday” Night Football Rivals




Last night was HOT!!!! I attended the North Crowley vs. Crowley football game. Now if you’re not from the Fort Worth, Texas area then you may not know about the two schools. North Crowley & Crowley are RIVAL SCHOOLS! They are in the same district & when it comes to sports they go toe to toe! Yes it’s that crucial!
Just to let ya’ll know I graduated from North Crowley in 2014 so ya’ll can guess who I was reppin’!
Now in the past years, Crowley has won but NOT this year! Them North Crowley varsity football boys were VICIOUS! They showed up & showed OUT! I FINALLY got to see my sister perform with the Silver Stars (that’s the name of the drill team) & I seem my Guard girls perform. And again let me tell ya’ll: ALL of North Crowley SHOWED UP & SHOWED OUT!
When the 4th quarter had 32 seconds left North Crowley scored their last touchdown which caused a fight on the field but it’s okay because they knew they had the win! North Crowley WON with the end score being 40-27!!!
It was last night that mad me realize that I do actually miss high school. I miss being in Colorguard but I miss the togetherness.


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