Anyone Can Be Family

Everyone has a few people that they consider their family. I so happen to have a few people I can call family.

You know family isn’t always in the bloodline. Sometimes family could be those who are always there for you when you need them. I say it like this: Your DNA doesn’t have to be combined to be considered family. The people who stand by you when EVERYTHING goes to Hell (figuratively and literally) are those you can call family!

Now before you ask there is a reason why I am saying all of this about family. I can honestly say I have a handful of friends, and when I say handful I can count them on both of my hands, that I can call family. For the past month I’ve been going through a tough time and I haven’t found a good way of dealing with the situation.

I can truly thank those who’ve been there for me and have helped me through this time. I love them all and I can’t believe how much support and love I have from them.

“Friends are our CHOSEN family.”



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