College Round 2: My Years Goals

As many of ya’ll know I am a college student at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. I have recently changed my major from Nutrition Emphasis in Dietetics to Special Education with a minor in education and hopefully a minor in Deaf Education as well.

I have also recently met my new roommate and let me tell ya’ll she is sweet as Pecan Pie!

Academically, I am shooting for all A’s in my classes this year but for right now I am taking it one semester at a time! I am shooting for an A in my developmental math class so I can finally take my college level math class. This semester, and year, I also plan to increase my GPA so I can soon apply for student-teaching so I can one day receive my teaching certificate so I can teach in a Special Education class.

Socially, I am making it a MUST that I get along with my roommate this school year & after meeting her yesterday we are definitely going to get along! She took time out of her day to email me and just say hello and to not be alarmed when I come back. I felt that was an act of not only kindness but of respect.

I feel that this school year for me is going to be different! I am not expecting any drama. I’m expecting to excel academically and I am hoping to gain some financial stability. I am only 2 weeks into school and I am already thrilled about the year!


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