Hurricane Harbor “Famcation”

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I am a tad bit late with this post so bare with me.

Saturday (August 1, 2015) was my families “famcation.” Now before anyone asks a famcation is a family vacation. For use our famcation was to Hurricane Harbor which is located in Arlington, TX so no-one was far at all.

We all met up at Hurricane Harbor and met outside the gates. Firstly lets get the rundown: Parking was $35. The parking attendant allowed everyone to park for FREE!

Secondly, because we were a large group it cost $20 per person but the gate man also allowed us in for FREE!

The last thing may shock you because it damn sure shocked me. As you all know my Great Granny Virginia passed away peacefully 3 weeks ago. To get back into Hurricane Harbor we had to get a word stamped on our arm. The word for that day was GRANNY!


I can say she was truly with us at Hurricane Harbor that day & trust me she was having fun too!

But all in all that day we all had a BLAST! We all enjoyed the waterpark & afterwards we all sat in the parking lot & had a family picnic with music and pictures! We laughed, talked and had fun which is what our Granny wants.

When’s the next famcation? I don’t know but trust me I cant wait for it!




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