I Won’t Tell…

This post, like many of my other posts, is just something that’s on my mind & I feel the need to express it. Like I’ve said before, I am happy to express myself and if anything offends you I am sorry. You have the option to continue to read or to just exit the post (no harsh feelings).

I think the title says it all: I won’t tell? If you don’t recognize these three simple words they are from Alicia Key’s song Secrets (which is still one of my favorite songs). I decided to make “I Won’t Tell” because it speaks wonders for me and let me tell you why.

Over the years (within my 19 years of life) I have kept secrets not only from close friends (which is a handful) but also from my family.

I don’t trust easily nor do I just open up to anyone because betrayal is a BITCH! There are many many people I know & when they say, “I won’t tell” or “I promise I’ll keep your secret” I know for a fact that once they leave my site they will go to someone else and tell my secret then that someone will go and tell their momma & then it’s no longer a secret!

If I am told a secret by someone and they tell me, “Don’t tell ANYONE!” I know I am not going to go and tell their secret to Betty Jo.

I feel the same thing goes for family as do friends. Once family members know your secret they go back and tell someone else in the family your secret. Then the whole family is asking you, “Girl you had a one night stand with him?” (before anyone asks this is a made up scenario).

My point is, if you promise someone that you won’t tell then keep that promise! If that secret is suppose to stay between you two or three then it should remain that way!

This is one of the reasons I just don’t tell anyone & everyone with secrets because the world will know your life story if you tell the wrong person. And trust me I don’t want the entire world and their momma to know my life story.

Secrets are to be kept not shared. Once shared it’s like the wind whistling to the trees….


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