Granny Virginia’s Celebration of Life


Granny's Obituary (front)                        Granny's Obituary (my blog piece)

Purple Dress

Granny's Resting Place

Granny's Headstone

Yesterday on July 18, 2015, family & friends gathered at our Granny Virginia’s church home to celebrate her amazing long life!

I can say it truly was an amazing celebration! My Granny Virginia attended her church home Paradise Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas for over 60 years and with all the family, friends, church members & neighbors we filled EVERY seat in that church including the balcony! One of my cousins put it best: “Sister Haley won her final family & friends day! She will rest peacefully for all of eternity!”

Her casket was light purple and her dress was light pink: her two favorite colors. But viewing my Granny Virginia’s body for the last time before they sealed her in her casket all I could think was “she is STILL beautiful!”

Her obituary also spoke words to me because they were my words! I posted the link to my blog post “The Families Guardian Angel” on my personal Facebook page for all to read. I had family members in tears and it went as far to reach my Granny’s children. My Aunt Ginger (she’s my great aunt) said she my writing was beautiful & she wanted what I said to be in her obituary & wouldn’t have it any other way! Seeing it actually in her obituary (it was tweaked to include all of her grandchildren & great grandchildren) made me feel more than AMAZING!

After her funeral we all lined up & headed to her final resting place for her body at the cemetery. It took a while but we all made it there to lay her at her final resting place.

Our Granny Virginia’ home going celebration was a great one! I wanted to go out but my body felt like Jell-O & my head was spinning so fast I couldn’t think straight from the heat since it was 100* yesterday! Anyway, my family showed up & showed OUT for our Granny yesterday! She left a legacy here on earth & it’s up to us to make sure we continue her legacy on as long as we live. I don’t think she would have wanted it any other way & I know my family is going to continue he legacy on forever!


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