Is That Granny?






I know you’re probably wondering about the title to this post. The title of this post came about when my cousin Jaela & I were having a conversation earlier today.
Today was my Granny Virginia’s wake & we all FINALLY received our shirts today for starters! So it was neat to see everyone dressed almost alike.
The wake lasted for about an hour which is pretty normal. There was singing & a few stories which I found interesting. But at the end my cousin Jaela found me & ran up to me to pick her up. I can’t say no so I picked her up. Jaela said “Go over there!” I didn’t know where so I asked her to point. She point to the front of the sanctuary where family & friends where to view our Granny Virginia’s body. So I took her to the front & what she said next threw me for a loophole. Jaela said, “That’s not Granny….” It took me a second to realize what she said. How does a 2yr old understand someone passing away?
I told Jaela, “That is Granny. You remember how Granny was always in bed & you would go into her room to talk to her?” In her soft little voice she answered yes. I then told her,  “this is the same Granny you know she is just sleeping for a while & while she’s there she’s going to talk to everyone she knows including your big sister Jhayce.” (Jhayce passed a year before Jaela was born). Jaela then said, “really?” I told her of course! You will see her again I promise.
All Jaela did was smile. We had to go outside because the funeral home was ready to take her back.
That conversation amazed me! I don’t know if Jaela understands or if she’ll ever remember this conversion but it felt good to try to explain it to her. It also amazes me how many people showed up & that wasn’t even half of the people that are to show up tomorrow!
Thanks to the amazing people who made my family’s tshirts & thank you to First St. John Church of Fort Worth, TX on East Berry Street for having us!


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