The Families Guardian Angel


“Angels bring a heavenly dimension to everyday life.”


On this day, July 11, 2015, my Great Grandmother Ms.Courtney Virginia Haley gained her wings and has finally entered the heavenly gates.

As I walked into her home which is almost always filled with people I was told to say my last goodbyes but in my mind it is NEVER goodbye! It’s just a partial separation. I don’t think it hit me until I actually walked into her room where my mom & cousin Tish stood and seen her cold still body. I stared at her for a few seconds before I put my hand to her forehead and told her, “You made it. You put up a great fight & you left the way you wanted.” It was hot in the room because that’s how she liked it & her nails were polished in her favorite color: pink! All I could do was smile.

You know how you hope that it’s all a dream and that the person laying before you will wake up and just give you a huge hug? Well I was in that dream but I knew what was happening. I knew to the point where I continued to leave the room and then go back in with her just to see if she would wake up but I knew she wouldn’t.

It became MORE real once the funeral home van (coroner) came to pick her up. My family first gathered in her living room where many began balling tears which is what I expected. But then we all went outside and waited on her because hse has always been our Queen. As she was wheeled out more tears came along with singing and prayer. To be honest: my family has never been so quiet, so sad, so hurt. I’ve never even seen some of them cry until today.

I could do nothing but smile the entire time & here’s why: She’s at peace with EVERYTHING! She did what she had to do & what she wanted to. She is whole! She is no longer in pain! She can see everyone she once lost. She is finally FREE!

Although my family is sad that she is no longer physically with us we have to all just realize that she is spiritually with us. We all have special memories with her that can never change. No one memory is like anyone else’s. And plus we have a new Guardian Angel! Therefore she will always be by our side through the good, the bad, the ugly & of course the fun because she was definitely about us getting together and having fun!

Until I see you again: Rest in Paradise Granny Virginia! I love you with all of my heart and then some & I am so glad that you are at peace.

“Home is where LOVE resides.

MEMORIES are created

FRIENDS always belong




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