An Angel in the Making

As many of ya’ll know, or may remember from recent posts, my Great-Grandmother (Granny Virginia) has been on Hospice since March of this year. She has seen her 89th birthday and has had us laughing on our toes since then like always. But now she is in what I would like to call “The Transition Phase.” Now let me explain:

When I say “The Transition Phase” I mean that she is transitioning from being a human in the physical world to being a sweet angel in the skies for the physical world.

From what I’ve heard she has been talking about seeing loved ones that she has lost. She has apologized for anything she’s done. But she said something that touched my heart. She said, “I’m not nervous anymore.” Now why would that touch my heart? Because I know for a fact that she is now at peace with everything she’s ever done in her lifetime!

I’ve also been asked by someone if I’ve cried yet & here’s my honest answer: NO I haven’t cried because I know that in the end she will be terrific! She will once again be whole & in no more pain.

As I watched her sleep today I felt her warm vivacious spirit that always fills a room when she is present. The same room where I sat in a chair at her bedside in April and read my Granny Virginia her birthday cards. The same room where she asked me about school. The place we held Christmas Eve brunch & family gatherings. The place where we call home. Because of all the memories I have I can’t cry!

But for now we are enjoying her as she is. We know what’s going to happen & no-one is ready for what’s to come but we have to realize that although we aren’t ready we can’t stop it because if she’s being called then she has to answer. Thankfully she hasn’t been summoned yet and we can just talk to her and give her love and comfort.

I am leaving you with a quote from yours truly:

“Everyone’s Angel has a beginning…a middle…and an end.  BUT our Angel knows it’s never the end but it’s their new beginning.”

~Erriel J.


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