Dinner Date With Tanaja

Today has been yet another great day spite a few things going on with my family.

So finally after much talk Tanaja & I FINALLY got the chance to go out and chill. We didn’t go to the zoo like planned but hey who can turn down food? So we ended up going to Razoo’s in Downtown Fort Worth & sitting in Sundance Square just having girl talk which again is something I need! It felt good to see my friend again since I hadn’t seen her since graduation.

Let’s be honest: Tanaja & I have been through A LOT! Now when I say a lot I don’t mean major arguments or anything because we don’t argue we may disagree but NEVER have we argued! The struggle has been between our families on a certain topic but I’m not going to discuss that on my blog without her approval. But through it all we are still great friends who are literally almost the same person.

I say we are the same person BECAUSE for the simple fact that we are both born on the SAME DAY (March 25 to be exact) & we have the same attitude towards things and life which is take it by the horns and keep on going!

Anyways, it was time that was well spent and we are well fed! We said we would have to go out and do something else soon but we haven’t figured out what yet so that’s in the discussion pool. But we know for a fact we HAVE TO get together again!

But because I am full & sleepy I am going to turn in for the night! Hope everyone had a great day! 🙂


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