Why Shall The Judge~Eff Your Societal Standards!

While scrolling through my Instagram timeline on both my personal & blogging Instagram I noticed something that just bothered me. I noticed many people who created videos for the “Don’t Judge Me Challenge.” Now if you haven’t heard of this challenge this is a video challenge where a person makes themselves unattractive (the word ugly just isn’t nice let’s be honest) by connecting their eyebrows to create a unibrow, drawing “acne” on their face & other various things. You record yourself as an unattractive person and then seconds later you record yourself being this gorgeous stunning drop dead gorgeous person who has “no flaws.”

Now let me tell you why these videos bother me so much: The challenge is called the “Don’t Judge Me Challenge” yet the videos are depicting individuals who may have noticeable flaws! It’s highlighting a persons physical flaws instead of something positive & depicting how society wants a person to look. In reality EVERYONE has flaws whether they are noticeable or not.

I also don’t understand the point of the challenge. First of all WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE? You aren’t doing anything productive for this “challenge.” If you’re going to participate in a challenge please make it a productive challenge.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make:  No-one is that unattractive. No-one is that “drop dead gorgeous.” No-one is perfect. BUT everyone has flaws. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone is who they are and they are loved by others regardless of their looks. This “challenge” isn’t promoting “Don’t Judge Anyone” but it’s promoting body shaming. Body shaming can lead to a devastating aftermath for both men & women because a person focuses so hard to fit into societies standards that they’ll do anything even if it kills them.

Society paints these pictures of “the perfect man” and “the perfect woman.” We shouldn’t have acne or we shouldn’t wear glasses because then we have “four eyes” instead of two. We shouldn’t have a unibrow because it looks like a “fuzzy caterpillar” on the face. A man should be muscular, fit and toned while a woman should be small and petite.

But what about everyone who doesn’t fit into any of those categories? What about us?

As a whole we should focus on a persons inner beauty just as much as their outer beauty! So what if a man isn’t muscular? So what if that woman in the clothing store is plus size? So what if the kid in your math class has acne? And so what if the kid you see walking down the street has a unibrow? You shouldn’t judge them regardless! Everyone is beautiful in their own special way & we shouldn’t force societies rules on them or anyone else. We should just accept each other as we are & love one another. So EFF THE SOCIETAL STANDARDS! BE YOU! BE UNIQUE! KNOW YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & OWN THAT!

Now I leave ya’ll with a quote:

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”



2 thoughts on “Why Shall The Judge~Eff Your Societal Standards!

  1. Word!.. i totally agree with you!.
    Its high time all of us realised that the priviledge of a lifetime is being who you are, regardless of what society thinks you should be.
    Nice work!


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