Summer FUN with Halee Bug!



Everyone this is Halee (many may remember me talking about her in recent posts & featuring her in one of the graduation outfit of the day pictures). Today was our day to just chill & enjoy a great summers day!

For a while Halee had been wanting to have a lunch date with me & we both had been busy with certain things. Well FINALLY we got the chance and we had so much fun!

She said we could eat somewhere in Downtown Fort Worth so that’s exactly where we went. It was my first time trying P.F Changs & I have to admit that it was actually pretty good! They are pretty pricey though so we both chose something and split it & still managed to pay almost $40! We also had cupcakes & enjoyed some girl chat which I know I was in need of because I haven’t had it in a while.

Today was great! We laughed, we ate & it’s time to spend with a great friend who I love dearly. How can anyone pass up a day out with a friend? I don’t know but when ya’ll figure it out let me know because I had a great time!


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