Lately there has been a lot on my mind & now I am here to just speak on it & say how I feel. Like I said before, my blog is a way I express my feelings & emotions without anyone barking down my back about how I should feel.

Family members are the people you should be able to trust without a doubt or without question. But for years I’ve gradually have lost trust in them & have often been betrayed by them. Having family members go and tell your deepest darkest secrets & having family members tell each other all the bad things you’ve done overtime. Things that shouldn’t be shared because you want to “move on” from them.
It’s crazy for me to say that I feel more love from my handful of friends & when I say handful I mean I can count on my fingers how many I actually have! They have been there for me for me assuring me that everything will be okay. They have comforted me. They’ve made my day brighter.

How is it that one can feel betrayed by their own flesh & blood? After a while it doesn’t seem so hard honestly. I will always love my family but trusting some of them will never be the same.

So in other words,  I am grateful for my friends who I call my team! I love each & every one of them & I know they know I will be there for them like they’ve been for me. Family isn’t always blood but they’re the people who have your back,  make you smile, want you in their life & love you no matter what! To me that’s family…


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