Erriel J’s Life Chronicles….Why?

Just because this is on my mind I would like to address why I changed my blogs name a few months ago.

At first my blog was my “college diary” and ONLY my college diary! But then I wanted to expand my blog and what it was truly about. I then added things about my personal life (not too personal) and then I started posting my outfits of the day! At that moment in 2014 my blog became more than just a college diary but I didn’t know what I would rename my blog.

It took my until March or April to figure out that my blog is basically my life chronicle’s. My personal life is MY life! My education is apart of MY life and my fashion/style is apart of MY life! So that’s when I made the decision to title my blog, “Erriel J’s Life Chronicles.” Now every time I come and blog about anything I think to myself, “this title it the PERFCET for your blog!” And it truly is the perfect fit. I’ve mentions my thought, my feelings, my family, my friends, my ups, my downs and everything all the way around!

I am glad to be sharing my life with the world to a certain degree. It makes me feel like my voice is being heard and I have an escape from the world when I need it and for that I thank you all!


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