A Tearful Weekend: GRADUATION!

So this weekend has been such a tearful weekend for me because yesterday my cousin, James (aka-Busta), and many I knew from my high school graduated yesterday! I am still crying while I type this post ha-ha!

My cousin graduated first from Crowley High School at 2:30 yesterday May 31, 2015! He attended my graduation last year (I am a North Crowley Alumni c/o 2014!) and supported me so i had to show up and show OUT! I was so proud of him and of course I was a proud cousin!

Now my high schools, North Crowley High School, graduation was the same day, May 31, 2015, but it was at 7:30pm! I had to pick up my Halee Bug and my sisters friend…and parking was HELL! But I managed to find a parking spot at BOTH graduations after 30minutes.

Now let me tell ya’ll when I heard the names of the people I loved I started balling tears! As hard as I tried to hold back my tears it was truly hard for me. I felt like I just wasn’t ready for them to graduate although they were. I couldn’t find all of my graduates at the North Crowley but I did run into my cousin who is dating my best friends G-Mama and they told me they were having a graduation celebration at BoomerJacks so of course I had to make an appearance but sadly I couldn’t stay because I had to take people home but it’s okay.

I still LOVE how when she see’s me her face lights up like she is a fat kid in a candy store. We really are great friends NO MATTER what has happened in the past. I have even already decided that she will be ALL of my children’s God Mom! But anyways I had to show my face because I promised her that I would see her after graduation.

Now here’s the bottom-line is I am BEYOND proud of my graduates! I hope that all of their futures are bright and I hope they stay in touch. I know for a fact that I am staying in touch with one of them for SURE!

And to ALL of the graduates I would like to say: CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2015!  WELCOME TO LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL!


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