Outfit of the Day May 26, 2015



Haven’t had the chance to just dress up because of this crazy Texas weather! So today, even though it was full of doctors appointments,  I decided to dress up! The sun showed it’s face, but only for a few minutes, long enough for me to get some great shots!
Today you can say I was feeling myself! My outfit was on point and of course my lip gloss was bangin’! I also liked the fact that this outfit not only showed off my curves but this outfit can go either casual or you can dress it up with heels! Even though the weather tried to stop me I still pulled off an AMAZING outfit!
Here are the dets:!

White Tank Top: Rue 21
Jean Jacket: Rue 21
Black Skinny Pants: Sear’s (they are BogoPlus size 14W)
Black Sandals: I’ve had these for a while so I don’t remember where I brought them from!
Gold Necklace & Earrings: Wet Seal
Headband: Wet Seal
That Personality & Sass: PRICELESS 💎 💎


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