Baby Shower & Birthday Dinner Flow

cowboys babyshower 2cowboys babyshower3

As promised I am posting my outfit from my friends birthday dinner/baby shower! My friend Rejae is 7months pregnant with her baby boy & I was invited to her baby shower! Can ya’ll guess the theme of the baby shower? Yes if you are from Texas or just love the football team then you can tell by the Mommy-to-be/Birthday Girl’s jersey that the theme was the DALLAS COWBOYS! Yes her and her fiancée love the Cowboys & I have a feeling their son will too!

I was thrilled to be going to her baby shower since I hadn’t been to one in a year or two. I was able to buy baby items for the 1st time and I was attending a friends baby shower which made it more special! In the end I did end up making the baby boy a Dallas Cowboys Blanket which the proud soon-to-be parents where EXCITED about especially since there were a few Cowboy Nation haters in the bunch ha-ha! I also brought the baby 4 onesis and a full outfit set. One of the onesis, which is my favorite, said “Mommy is cranky…Daddy is 1-800-GRANDMA!” Ha-ha it made me laugh so I had to get it for him.

All together I had fun! I won a prize since I was in a 3-way tie afer playing the “How Sweet Is It” game and the cake was AMAZING! I can’t wait to go to another baby shower except I hope the next person has a baby girl so I can get the cute girly outfits that seem to be everywhere but no matter what the baby will be loved so it’s perfectly fine!

Here’s my OOTD Details:

One-Shoulder Asymmetrical Blue Top: Bui Yah Kah

Shorts: Melrose

Sandals: Shoe Dept.



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