Kylie Jenner Challenge…

So as of yesterday I have heard about this Kylie Jenner Challenge (#KylieJennerChallenge) and of course I had to do some investigating. Now let me tell you what I “discovered.” Teenagers and even some adults are making the attempt to get their lips like Kylie Jenner’s by placing their lips, or their “other” body parts into a bottle of some sort such as a soda bottle for a long period of time maybe 5minutes or even longer. When this “process” is done your lips will be not only bigger but they will be swollen…

Now my first thought when I read about this challenge was “What the hell? Why would anyone want to do this foolishness? It is bullshit if you ask me (excuse my language by the way but it was my thought).” I don’t understand how ANYONE can do this to themselves just so they can have lips like Kyle Jenner of all people. I wouldn’t want to look like Kylie nor any of her sisters for that matter. For what? So I can die trying?

Cutting off your blood circulation by placing my lips, or other body parts as I mentioned, in a bottle just to make them bigger is just ridiculous. What happened to being your own person? Being who you are? This is why society is all screwed up because people believe that they have to do ANY and EVERYTIHNG in their power to look like these celebrities but in reality many celebrities don’t even look like themselves!  They have alterations just like your “trying” to and I have an issue with this because many of these celebrities may say, “Be yourself.” How can you tell anyone to be themselves if you aren’t going to do the same?

So here is the point I’m trying to make: Do NOT try to be like Kylie Jenner for her lips, Beyoncé for her vocals or any other celebrity because there is only ONE you and you can’t spend your life trying to be like all these celebrities because they aren’t going to pay any attention to the fact. People are going to pay attention to you for being you for looking like you not for looking like them.


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