Yesterday’s Special Moment

I didn’t get the chance to tell ya’ll about a special moment that happened yesterday with my Granny Virginia & I.

Yesterday, I was with my mom & nana at my Granny Virginia’s house helping out until it was time to go get my brother off the bus and my nana asked me to read her birthday cards to her. My Granny Virginia told me to pull up a chair, although there was one right next to her bed, so she could listen to me read to her. I read her birthday cards to her and told her who gave them to her. Some of them were so great to her she asked me to read them again mainly the cards that had bible verses. The card that she heard last was a pop-up card that sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She laughed at the fact that a birthday card could sing which made me giggle.

She thanked me for reading her cards to her and asked me how school and life was and of course I told her everything and she was glad that I had met two great friends while I was in college and that I was not only enjoying myself but that I was working hard in school.

But at some point she became quiet and I tip-toed out of her room only to hear her mumble a full sentence and  I would have to rush in the room to make sure I heard her sentence and she did this 3 more times and it made me laugh ha-ha!

I am the first to admit I don’t get to have many special moments with individual family members only with my family as a whole. I don’t mind but I often want to just have special moments with individual family members and this is one moment I will always cherish. To hear her say she was proud of me meant oh so much to me. It made my heart flutter!

For a fact I know that I will NEVER forget that moment because it was that special to me. I just love my Granny Virginia to bits and pieces!


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